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Who is your favourite fictional tiger?

Hateful Bitch

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Only the most important questions are asked here on FaF.

I would make a poll but of course everybody will vote Other and then judge me for my poor selection.
So yeah, any tigers from fiction. Tigger, Richard Parker, Tony the Tiger, etc.

If you cannot think of one I will allow you to cite a favourite big cat character of any other type.
No dogs allowed.

Anyway obviously Hobbes from Calvin & Hobbes. Obviously that is also your answer clearly to be honest.

Hateful Bitch

Hang up your coat
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Sarcastic Coffeecup

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This is so specific, I can't think of anything else than the ones already mentioned

Butters Shikkon

Patron Saint of Queers
Shere Khan of course.

Such good manners~~

Car Fox

Formally "Torsion Beam"
That projectile Sagat launches in Street Fighter games. Best "Tiger" ever

But seriously, that's tuff as hell to answer. There are so many, yet so many I don't know.
The tiger from Black and White II.

The tiger from Black and White was just annoying. All he ever did was eat shit and set people on fire for no reason whatsoever.


Tigger from winni the pooh, No discussion about it, He's one tough badass.


Tigger. And Hobbes. Both.

Sorry, there's no way I could ever choose one over the other. Tigger is the Buddha of the tiger world - he's here to show us the way. Hobbes - man, Hobbes is the Beatles. A true original - there's never been one like him, and there never will be.

Butters Shikkon

Patron Saint of Queers
Interesting! I'm assuming you mean the Disney version?

Me, I agree with Hobbes.

Indeed. Although, I think it's awesome he was so badass yet had a crippled leg in the books.

Am I the only Kung Fu Panda nerd on this furry forum? You're all picking the wrong tiger :p

I'm so sorry...but as much as I love Tigress...she is mostly "meh" to me. Just never gets much to say.

Imperial Impact

The Imperial Juicer


The Grain of Salt
Tygra from the Thundercats. His name could have been better, but he was a cool character. I like the creative thinker he was and how his whip could make him invisible.

For a less anthro tiger, I would have to agree with BG and Mikhal. Shere Khan. I liked him both as his feral tiger self in The Jungle Book and when he was more anthro in TaleSpin.


The wettest wolf
Tigger, duhhh

Well actually hobbes is pretty awesome too