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Who remembers old FAF?


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people who say the forums were full of trolls and haters or whatever probably didn't actually use the forums. because despite the select few people who were trolls or dicks, it was actually a pretty fun forum

now it's just kind of 'meh'


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Just joined today, I wish I was around for all of the old forum drama. Sorry for the newbie question, but why did they take the old forms down?


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oldfag here

been apart of FAF since 07-08

that makes me cool
You were cool when you used to be a bird. Now I wanna poke you to death with a coat hanger.

Also, ITT: a lot of "old FAF things were moar srs and lezz shitposty" claiming to be oldfags.


It was like... the best of 4chan. Only with furries.


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Depends upon the term how old? I went back a ways. Lost a bunch of the stuff when things went poofta


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Its was entertaining while it lasted. Much like Six Flags New Orleans.


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I came here a few years ago. It was rather wild back then. I was sort of slipping in and out of sanity back then too so I'm sort of glad some things are gone. I used to make embarrassing threads when I was out of it.

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I am cautious to come back here. The shitstorm is still too fresh in my mind.


The Arcane Sage
I am just back to see how this goes! Not even sure when i started, years ago i guess.


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I'm hoping for great things, and told I shouldn't be such an optimist.


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*comes up out from under rock

lurked from about 2010 onward. actually joined just before all the forum drama took place.

*goes back to lurking


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A cesspit of mod abuse and social cruelty. Glad to see this place started on a clean slate.

Would have to agree. Glad it's gone, and been replaced. Towards the end, there really wasn't really anything furry about it, just a lot of people complaining.