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Who wants to help me create a fursona based on my personality? ♡


Hiii! I'm bored with with my old fursona so i thought i'd see what creative ideas other ppl might be able to conjure up with my personality. :3 Can be any animal btw!! Idc if it's a basic animal too just whatevah comes to mind first!

My personality consists of me being a fairly antisocial/shy person unless they are close friends. I do not seek to interact with ppl and would rather be at home. I'm a very anxious person and being around a crowd makes me very uncomfortable! I'm a really lazy person and love just laying around being cozy. I hate being cold and love being warm. I am kind of eccentric and like being the comedian of my friends. I will always do my best to make people laugh! I can kind of be a gloomy/pessimistic person sometimes. I really like cute things like stuffed animals and fluffy things!! I am child-like and i'm small(standing at 5'1) and petite(weighing 100 lbs), so i get mistaken for a child a lot. Although i like cute things, i do also like morbid stuff. I like collecting roadkill/animal bones, bug shells, and mushrooms. I love the forest and rainy days. I have my bad side as well.. I can be snappy and moody when i don't get my way. I can be very spoiled and hate to share sometimes. :C I always end up being the first to apologize and i tend to beat myself down over small things.

Uhmm, i hope that wasn't too long but i can't wait to hear responses. I'm so curious!!


“D a t t e b a y o”
Sounds like a Classic cat. Siamese since You’re the Clown among your friends, and you need a dyed hair color

Deleted member 160111

I could suggest a badger or a wolverine.

It's inconvenient to read your font*


Flowery weirdo
Why not a maned wolf? Despite the name, they're not wolves at all. They're very shy, nocturnal and unlike most canids they're solitary. They hunt small preys and eat a lot of fruits too.

Also... Maybe a black footed cat, the smallest (and deadliest) of all felines. Again, nocturnal, shy, but super cute.


Dragon Doodler with a Tail Snake
Why not a Sneaky Rat.
Like a Skaven from Warhammer.

Skaven Race


They can be cute or cunning depending on your character