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Who was your first furry character crush?

Butters Shikkon

Patron Saint of Queers
(Imma gonna bend the rules a lil' for us boring asexuals >:D )

You know, if a gun was pointed to my head and I had to marry a furry character...it'd be Rakushun from 12 Kingdoms. He's so calm/reasonable, deep as a well; not to mention the only redeemable person in an a world full of very flawed governments and peoples. He'd totally take a bullet for me...so he gets my vote.


Forgive Yourself
Bowser from that last SSB's game.

Probably the first and only...I never had one up to that point. ./sigh I regret posting this....but will.

Butters Shikkon

Patron Saint of Queers
Holy crap, that's the most adorable Bowser I have ever seen...he's actually dragon-like!!


I don't know about crush, but Bolt (from the movie Bolt lol) was probably the first....still love him


Judge Spear

Well-Known Member
Three pages. Topic: First furry crush. On a furry forum. And NO one has mentioned this character yet? I'm surprised.


Heads Berating Catastrophic
I'm just gonna reiterate what's been said by many people before me and say that I've never had a crush on any fictional character.
Or even on anyone in real life, actually... ;-;

Oh gawsh, Pachi. Really? xD

Earth Rio

It isn't butter?!