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(Commission) Selling: ($5+) Who would you like me to draw?

Hey guys, I am opening up commissions again for anyone who'd like to hire me. I can draw any type of character whether it be a human, anthro, or humanoid. As well as any species, dogs, cats, lizards, dragons, birds, etc... even closed species but for those I will definitely need some reference from you. If I haven't had the pleasure of drawing your character species yet, I always love a challenge.

My prices will be ranging from $10 to $50. They can be negotiated depending on what it is you are looking for. If the price seems too high I could definitely work with you so we could meet at the middle where we'll where we'll will both be content with the price. However if I deem the project too demanding prices are subject to go up.

So this is my current rate, here we are talking about one character in full body:

▪︎Line art of one character starts at $10
▪︎ Flat color of one character starts at $15
▪︎ With simple cell shading and lighting of one character we start off at $20
▪︎ More complex painterly shading and lighting of one character starts off at $30
▪︎ NSFW With complex painterly shading and lighting starts off at $35

Once again these prices are negotiable if I deem your character to be very simple or very complex the prices are subject to change. If the character is not in full body, naturally the price will be lower. If it's just a headshot the price may even drop to $5.
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