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Who's NOT going to Anthrocon?


The Laconic Draconic
I'm the sad little dragoness who has never been to any form of con.

AC would NEVER be my first choice of con. THe things I hear. o.0 I'd "meep" and run for the doors at the first sign of people.

I'm skittish enough without being around hundreds of people who like to touch other furries.

Besides, if I go to a con, I want to plan. I want to save money and make sure I have people to be with/hang out with. People say that I could hang out with them if I went, but I don't like being abandoned, and I don't like to be a third wheel, so hell no, I won't go. :)


The Arrow Stomper
considering that it's on the other side of the country it's not that easy to get to with no money/car :p


Wof Wof Wof Wof Wof


Did someone say waffle?
wish i could, but seeing as how my parents know nothing about furries, and i can't go without them...

maybe in a year and a half when i'm 18. :p


Still not at 10k posts
I'm not going either. 1. it's the other side of the world (AND in the states to boot. I don't like probes in my butt) 2. I simply couldn't care less about it.


The Commissar
Not going. For many reasons, not the least being a distinct lack of cash, and the fact that it's across the border (from me).


Master of Exegesis
Not going. It's only a 3 hr drive for me, but: 1. I know nobody going (or if the gal I know is going, she's a) avoiding me, and b) probably going with a certain chump ass head admin of Furtopia), and 2. I've been to furcons and sci-fi cons, and I don't get it. Oh-- and 3. I'm too sexay for a con.


It's only downtown from me but hmmmm the people there from what I heard are crazy. Eh I don't wanna get touched by a furry. Also $25 to go for a day eh maybe I'll go with my friend.
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Only a Book Smart Nerd
Me neither, I can't risk exposing myself to my parents.


I does what I says on the box.
I will never go to a furry convention if I can help it.

Bad enough to see a bunch of weirdos online, but in the flesh? I'd have nightmares until the day I died.


100% organic vegan hubbas
I will never go to a furry convention if I can help it.

Bad enough to see a bunch of weirdos online, but in the flesh? I'd have nightmares until the day I died.
But think of the fun we could have. Like this right here...

Adelio Altomar

Rat-Sized Superiority Complex
From what examples I tasted here on the net of furries, I wouldn't really go. Yes, I've considered it but I don't know anyone except for a few people (that find furry a rather sad thing and don't like to go), I don't have the money (we're in a recession), though I can get my mom's permission (but I don't wanna share rooms with some weirdo I've never met), and there's nothing that calls me at these cons.

Personally, I view furcons like most things here in Austin, just a bunch of hype with no substance to follow.


Waiting to get thin again
I have never been to a furry con and I never plan to.


Totally Gay For Bridget!!
nope. too broke and i dont think i would like it if some other furs were groping my ass to be frank. id save that stuff for my BF


Avast, Ye Scurvy Dogs!
You know, now that I think about it... I am about 15 miles away from FA United... Why the hell would I go all the way over there?

*Points in random direction*

I don't see the point in going. I have no idea who ANYBODY is. Plus, the smell must be awful.