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Who's that Pokemon?


Ok, retarded post title. I apologize :D

Super simple request here. I have kind of a hankering to see a cute anthro pidgeotto, but it's not something you see every day. So why not toss a little money at someone to make it happen? Here's what I'd be looking for:
  • Not based on a current OC so there are no references to follow (other than standard pidgeotto references)
  • I encourage artistic license so you would be free to determine the details - you don't have to make him look 100% generic!
  • Posing would again be mostly up to you. I'd like to see something cute/sexy but not overly suggestive - think tasteful nude.
  • No background required
  • The character should be male
  • I'm looking for colored/shaded work, but the specifics would depend upon your particular style and what you charge to do different kinds of work
  • Ideally looking at a budget in the $25-50 range but I am flexible
  • Any further questions just ask, I'm easy to work with (I think!)
That's pretty much it! This will have a lot of "artistic freedom" to it, so feel free to put on your creative hat and do as your muse guides. If you are someone who requires a lot of specific detail and direction, perhaps this might not be for you, but otherwise I'd love to see samples of your work - extra bonus if you have avian and/or Pokemon related pieces.

Responses either in line to this thread or via PM are preferred - I may miss notes on the main FA site.

Thanks for looking! :>


I like drawing birbs a lot and I'd really like too help you with this! I ask 30$cad for a shaded fullbody.
I have a couple of things I've drawn that have avian feature or feathers. Most are cropped to comply with the sfw forum standards. I could do a full body shaded for $45, it would be similar to the last example pic.







I'd be interested in helping out if you're still looking for someone.
I can do a flat colored, full-body piece for 55$, if you'd like to add shades however, that would be an extra 15$. Im willing to negotiate if that too much though!
I will provide WIPs of the sketch and the finished product just so I know you like it, but otherwise I'd like to give it an earnest shot!

Feel free to PM me here or note me on my FA if you're interested :>

Here are some samples of my work:

If you'd like to check out a little more of my work and prices, feel free to browse around my page too --> cheebcoms.weebly.com: Dipindu's Commissions

Thank you for your time!


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Would love to help you out! I've drawn a lot of Pokèmon and several birds as well, I go plenty of different examples in my gallery. Artwork Gallery for valery91thunder -- Fur Affinity [dot] net I also have no problem with artistic freedom and clotheless characters, as long as it's SFW material. =D
All my commission options don't go over your budget choice. Here's my commission card: www.furaffinity.net: Commission ID Card 2017 OPEN! by valery91thunder
I take payments via Paypal and provide sketch and coloured WIPs for approval. If interested, you can either note me on FA, PM me on the forums or email me at alkalinesparks [at] hotmail [dot] it!
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Hi! i would like to do your your request ! here some example of my art and price.
If you want see more art, you can go here---> QueenSolaris on DeviantArt , and here you can find all the commission i made so far --->solaris91's profile — Weasyl
IF you need clarification, don't be afraid to ask :)


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I'm not super experienced with anthros overally, but I did a birb work recently, and I looove designing gijinkas/anthros. Full body's $20 and less body (lol) goes below that!


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Hey! I would love to do this-- birds are a soft spot of mine & I draw them quite often. Here's an example of how I draw birds (and bird-like creatures):



Something like the above examples would be $40-$50 depending on the level of shading you would like, and because I like to draw birds & you'd be giving artistic freedom. I can also do more human-like bodies as well, I'm also pretty flexible.

More art (including more birds & Pokemon!) can be found on my furaffinity, twitter, or deviantart, and if you're interested you can send me a DM on any of those sites or e-mail me at alekivz on gmail.com. Thanks for the opportunity!


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Oh man I love drawing birds! And the Pidgey family is also one of my favorites - especially Pidgeot & Pidgeotto's lovely locks. I can also give you a $10 discount due to the artistic freedom. :D
You can check my Furaffinity and Tumblr for samples of my work; I've made a good handful of pokemon art which can be found on this tag: neganeon.tumblr.com: N E G A N E O N
I've also included some bird samples below!

A flat colored fullbody sketch will fit most comfortably in your budget at $35. If you'd like that sketch to be shaded, or to have a clean flat color artwork it will start to push a little past it, at $70 for either of those options.
Anything less than fullbody art will also cost less; detailed pricing information can be found on my commission site.
If you're interested or have any inquiries, feel free to contact me through PMs here or on FA, or preferably, my work email: neganeon@gmail.com
Thanks for looking!




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Hello i'd be interested in drawing your pidgeotto for you! For 35$ you would be able to get a fullbody shaded piece. Here are some examples of my work and my commission info.


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