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Who's the REAL Worst Band?

Like Seriously

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Resident Treadhead
I could tell you to your face that I thought ICP was shitty, and I wouldn't really have any reservations about doing so. Just expressing my opinion. But when you say to someone's face that you're gonna swap some lead upside their head because they said "ICP sucks", you've just committed a criminal offense and made yourself look like a real douchebag.

Dude Its a figure of speech. gosh....

BTW I am not at the point of doing anything at this moment because so far its a legititamate argument


I does what I says on the box.

I don't listen to indie unless it's recommended to me because most of it is shit.

Indie = shit.
Popular music = shit.



Resident Treadhead
Culture (including music)= shit
Military = sole surving peice of Sociology in the end


Resident Treadhead
I don't understand this post mods help :confused:

Sociology is the Study of Interaction of (human) Beings. That Includes Culture (Music, Art, Pasttimes, etc), Medical, Just everything that applies to one person doing anything with another. And the Military aspect will be here longest. As long as one dude sees something differently. Music goes out the window.

IDK I probably just made an Ass out of myself

Vore Writer

Dog faced God
Meh, they all fucking suck. Along with a bunch of others.


Wof Wof Wof Wof Wof
damn guys stop saying everything is shit, according to you seems like "I don't like = shit"...

Everything on that list sucks, and so much more. But I bet you listen to shit which is the only reason you bring this up...


back'n up back'n up
damn guys stop saying everything is shit, according to you seems like "I don't like = shit"...

Everything is shit, welcome to reality my friend.


I'm bored
That's pretty awful list there, but I have to say ''Soulja Boy''. Although all except Nickelback (yeah yeah, don't lynch me) are disaster.