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Whos up for a YCH collab?


Commission Artist
So, for a while ive been thinking about doing a collab YCH where i do linework etc and someone else does coloring. I would have acted on this thought sooner but the problem of me being a traditional artist arises.
Though, I do very clean work, I know that plenty of people prefer to not bother trying to color traditional works digitally. Ive had someone do this once and it turned out fine.

Since then, though, i have learned to make it a tad easier by making the background/paper scanned in transparent so that only the lines will be there and pretty darn solid.

So, i figured while I was thinking on it some more and what kind of YCHs would be nice to do for collab, id go ahead and make this post and see who responded. Im looking to actually put this YCH up for auction and discuss how much to put it up for etc, and split the take 50/50 with the other collab artist.

Anywho, I suppose ill post some samples of my art below, so youd know what style of work youd be coloring, and see if i can drum up some linework samples as well.
Feel free to message me on my FA (i dont check here as much) or comment here with some samples of your color work. Please dont be upset if I decline. This will be my first YCH collab with someone and im hoping for it to be kinda nice at least. =]

My FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/modifiedrabbit/
Samples of my work:



Commission Artist
How much do these usually go for?
My work or the YCHs I do?
It varies either way. My adopts usually go anywhere from 20$-120$ USD and my YCH are in a similar boat, depending on what it is. The general amount I get from a YCH of a single character is usually around 30$ but ive done double character pieces for more than 100$ as well.
Not only depends on the type of YCH and how many characters but also when i post it as some postings get more attention than others.


New Member
Here is some of my work if your still looking for someone :) my DA is lunarwolfstudio.deviantart.com since fa is down atm. My fa is the same username.