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Who's your bae in Monster Prom?


Magepunk Fashionisto
I just got it, FINALLY. Thank you, Black Friday Steam sale!

They're all terrible, but I've been aiming for Vera. She's a bad bitch with a business edge!

When Reverse comes out (has it already? Let me know!) I'm TOTALLY going to hit on Oz and Amira.


The Brutally Honest Man-Child
They're all terrible

IF I had to choose one though... off the top of my head... Interdimensional Prince.

Unwarranted Ranty Review!!!
People that needed an extra asked me to play so I did and I got to voice the ghost lady. That part was fun, but after that they never invited me to play again. Tried to be active in the discord group for the game but everyone had already 100%ed the game so it was nothing but spoilers AS we were playing it.

Lasts 2 seconds when you're reading it by yourself and that's where I started to realize (even after adding new characters) that they were recycling dialogue and their own jokes too. U_U

Overall 1/5 by myself
3/5 with peeps
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