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Who's your dream fursuit maker?


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assuming you're poor af, what maker would you commission for a suit if you had the money? for me it's jillcostumes, they have such a cute and simple style and they're very versatile with their species so it's not just foxes all the time

as an honorable mention, I would love a suit of my OC, Joy, from Z-Cube, a kemono maker from japan! they perfectly nail that chubby, squishy look:

the only thing is that i dunno how to pay if i don't use yen ;;


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I have two that I’m keeping in mind!

One is a smaller fursuit maker called Furry Machine. This maker absolutely nails expressions on fursuits, and they’re just awesome to look at! Each one seems totally unique, while looking pretty snazzy. This maker would be my top pick, if they could be commissioned more often. Sadly, this maker hosts auctions for one every once in a while.


Userpage of Furry_Machine -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

My second and most available pick is a place called CFStudios! They do more than just fursuits, but fursuit commissions seem to be their main service. I really love their Pancan suits, and since my own sona will be fairly complex in design, their suits look exactly what I’m looking for!

Mascot Costumes & Fursuits | cfstudiosonline

I just linked to their fursuit gallery, they have such a diverse portfolio, it’s crazy!

Anyway, these are my dream fursuit makers! I’m really hoping to get a suit from Furry Machine in the future, though chances are, I might be better off with CFStudios.


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Haha . . . take back what I said about MoreFurLess. I wouldn't support a zoophile.

Yeah, I would have been able to look past the edgy doodle in the background of a photo. But through the comments on that, I found out one of the owners (Kino I think?) had an image commissioned of their fursona getting fucked by a dog. (Like a regular ass dog).
I absolutely cannot stand for zoophilia, pedophilia or snuff.