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Who's your favorite furry youtuber?

•Pocari roo


Eeriee the Wendigo
Zabu The Sergal. I watch most of the other popular channels too, but Zabu is my favorite. He seems pretty laidback and genuine.

I don't know if yourmoviesucksdotorg counts since he doesn't talk about furry stuff often, but I love him. He's my go-to for movie reviews, even before i found out he was a furry. I hate what happened between him and Mark. Loved watching their game reviews.

Daithi Aaron Radcliff

X rated and animated
•ZabuThe Sergal (he literally has a awesome Channel and is always doing what he feels is comfortable with him. From telling stories about conventions to out of fursona where he talks about the struggles that is going on in his life.)
•Aberguine (if you know about furries in the media then you'll definitely know about this YouTuber who talks about the positives and negatives of social media videos when it comes to furries especially when it comes to the fact that there is a lot the negativity going on when it comes to furries in the media. She may not be active right now but I still see her as one of my favorites.)


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well erm.. .northernlion? but its been a while.... i just liked the binding of isaac and splunky lps..... but thats. it....... im more fun of the completionnist


kleptomaniac for knowledge
Zillion ross / imaginitivly unimaginitive
(I'm the only one who put him in)

Coreycoyote / damn dog games

Artemis wishfoot


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I don't really watch any of them except for when Ace of Hearts Fox does a live music stream sometimes.
Oh gosh, I’ve got the list for you
(Probably Deer bias, but who knows
¯\_(ツ)_/¯(The guy has some creative content and seems very confident in what he does/believes. I respect that))
-Ash Coyote
(Amazing talent with camera and film)
(Who doesn’t love pocari uwu. She seems really enthusiastic in her videos, and has a lot of useful videos for furs newer to the community)
-Artemis Wishfoot
(So far, His videos I’ve seen seem pretty down to earth and calm to watch)
-Ace of hearts fox
(Very upbeat youtuber, his content can bring a smile to anyone’s face)
-Beta Eta
(Interesting content, has a good sense of humor)
-Adler the eagle
(Love this guy’s artwork/animation style. While having funny stories in his videos, he is able to bring a meaningful message across as well.)

Well, that’s all I can think of for now. I’ll add to the list later on if I think of any more!


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Although he doesn't identify as a furry, at least according to one of his videos (so I don't know if he counts), but I still kind of consider Alpha Jay a furry because his mascot is a panda, and a rather adorable one. He is arguably a Tamer version of Mr Enter , and seems to be more optimistic than a lot of cartoon reviewers are.


Curious Protogen
I don't really know that many furry youtubers, but from those I know I've enjoyed Pocari Roo and BetaEtaDelota the most ^^


Resident Stone Age Fox
Corey Coyote is the only furry YouTuber I really keep up with, so I guess my favourite be him.