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(ten bucks says this word was created because it sounds like a noise someone would make if they were punched in the gut fjsjs)

”’whump’ is a term which originated in the FanFiction community to describe stories in which characters from the source material are put into physically and/or mentally painful situations.” commonly associated with tags like #hurt/comfort and #angst in fanfiction. if you’re even more curious, a quick search of #whump on tumblr or any fanfiction site will give you a good idea of the large community behind this term. i used to have no idea there was such a huge following, honestly!

as far as my own personal writings go, i absolutely love to include tropes that fall under this definition. one of my favorite tropes usually involves character A getting injured in a fight, coming down with a sickness, or passing out, then being comforted or nursed back to health by character(s) B.

when i was younger i really fixated on these specific scenarios in shows, books, or movies i enjoyed, because it brought with it a sense of comfort when i got to see my favorite characters prevail through pain or become stronger as a result.

it’s also cool to challenge existing relationships characters have with one another (ex. friends to enemies, friends to enemies to lovers, etc.). i just find it so interesting, really taking apart a character and playing with how they could respond, whether it be positive or negative.

rambling aside, my question here is — does anyone else enjoy writing these types of scenes/stories/scenarios in their own work? what are some of your favorite tropes you’ve written or have read before?


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Some would probably think that I do...

But I'm working on an epic that involves hundreds of different characters overcoming their own struggles. Not to romanticize it though, definitely each having their own intended messages. Some have happy endings, but a lot of them are silver linings/bad endings, depending on your outlook in life.

Unless I misunderstood, then I apologize.


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I don't really do fan fiction, but getting your characters into trouble then out again is pretty much the heart of all decent plots.

*EDIT* well occasionally, they don't get out of trouble again, but discover something worthwhile along the way, such as dark secrets about the nature of humanity, granted. The important thing is there's conflict of some kind.


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Not really well versed in fanfiction, but I guess I can relate lol. Maybe I'm just a cruel author/reader, but I feel like suffering as a concept, overcoming it and the changes it causes during character development can add a lot to some stories, and it definitely is something I like to see included, or at least implied. No pain, no gain, I suppose.

That being said, I've rarely included that trope in the spotlight when making stories or writing. It can easily become forced, 2edgy4me, cringey and generally uncomfortable for the reader. I'm trying to write a bit of this grimdark reality into a city that one of my current stories is taking place in, and it's hard for me to find a good balance, which already resulted in a few rewrites. It felt pointless at times, and not really highlighting anything new about the city for the readers. Going to easy on everyone also makes no sense if you want the place to truly have a reputation of being corrupt and crime-ridden.

As for other tropes that I personally enjoy, I always love stuff that has to do with ambiguity. I like it when worlds feel less black and white, and more human, so to say.
The evil empire might be the hero's enemy, but that shouldn't mean they're comically evil to the point where it's unbelievable. After all, most people do genuinely believe they are right and they're doing what's best.