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Why aren't there any walrus fursonas?


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I'm pretty sure Paul McCartney has a walrus fursona.


Boy that was hard.

Why aren't there more...this thing fursonas?



You guys suck at this.


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Kinda, different. You know? EDIT: ... we need to find more obscure species. We should cross a Citra with a Blobfish. We'll call it a Clob.


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There needs to be more love for Platypuses

I love the platypus! And honestly why dont you make a fursona yourself for a walrus if you enjoy the so much?-Gibby
Who you create is up to you, doesn't have to be mainstream anthro or cat...Use your imagenation and create an alter-ego fursona walrus. =)


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i have seen a couple of walrus characters, all belonging to fat furs


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i have seen a couple of walrus characters, all belonging to fat furs
Hey, whatever floats your boat. Or sinks it with sexy! :D
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It's that goofy little man-fish face that completes the whole thing, right?


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In general there aren't enough pinnipeds in the fandom period. You'd at least assume there to be seals or sea lions because of how cute they are.


I'd like to see a walrus'sona. Walruses are kind of fugly, but as an anthro I can see how it would look alright. Also Gruntos is a great character:


Funny as it is that's not what he said there.


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I know of one so far.


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I have dove with elephant seals and can say that these guys are like F15's in the water. However on land where most people get to see them they are just not a sporty animal. I think that keeps a lot of people from identifying with them. We used to have a guy on our swim team we called the walrus because he was he was like a sumo wrestler. He used to say everybody's the same size in the water. He was one of the fastest guys on the team but on land, not much love either.

Oh, and that blobfish doesn't really look like that. While we think of liquids being largely incompressible its not neglegable when you reach the extremes of the spectrum like the deep ocean. These guys look like a normal sculpin at depth but on the surface become very distorted partly due to what they are made out of. Even on a cellular level hey can't survive at one atmosphere because enzymes etc become distorted and things physicaly just don't line up to bind anymore. So if he looks frowny and unhappy in those pics, its because he is.
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Robbaz is disappointed.... If you watch his stuff on Youtube, you'll know what I mean. Plus, there a lot of animals that no fursonas exist of.