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Why aren't you getting swole, FaF?


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I have no time to work out when there are people continuing to make Nicolas Cage face swaps.


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I need to get fit. I am by no means scrawny in the legs or arms but not big either. At 6'2" (188cm) and 220 lbs (220/2.2 = 100kg if I have the conversion correct) I do have a bit of a gut but I am fairly well proportioned so it is not very noticeable.

I used to bike and I was into flipping tires this summer which helped quite a bit. Need to lose about 15 lbs to lose the gut, or just stay 220 and work on muscle building.

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I am perfectly content with myself. Doing my job is all the workout I need.

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Sorry, but, holy shit dude. 135. That is really skinny. I will take that metabolism!


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I work out 6 days a week and I'm still not as swole as I wanna be :C Bulking is such a slow process.


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I bench press large lizards and snakes, i work out, i mean just check out my pythons


I'm good at wall-sits but thats because I bike alot
Don't ask me to do pushups or anything like that


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Because I'm a lazy fuck.

That and I want to fursuit dance sometime. Lots of muscle isn't required, and would probably make me hotter than if I wasn't "swole"


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Been swole stay swole homeboy, although it changes once you build the muscle mass when it becomes useful muscle. You really shouldn't aim for large muscles forever, because they'll be weak as shit. Build them and then do strength training so they're usable and they will shrink a bit as they harden up.

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Going to the gym 3 times a week and doing home excercises/running along with that. I don't need an excuse.

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Nah, I'm cool, Muay Thai keeps me fit, and I need no bullshit to interfere with my agility/dexterity, to be effective in sports you need to be aerodynamic, not a bunch of useless nothing ;)


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I'm really at a loss at how many people thought Brads was being literal about "being swole". Am I the only one who read it as a hyperbolic statement asking what excuses do people make for being fit in general? Ah well.

ITT people who cant handle my swole-swag.


No, you're not the only one.

Also, I think that furries as a group are fat, neckbeardish and disgusting :F


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I go swimming most days. I want to stay slim and I'd hate to be all blobby when I'm older. I like observing how my body changes over time with excercise.