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Why did you choose your fursona?


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I wanted something with hooves and thought a horse would be too plain, but then I was watching a documentary and whenever it's about Africa and I see the wildebeest I always think "damn, they are some weird but cool looking animals." So wildebeest it was! Plus the females have horns and horns are sick.
Wildebeests are a species I don't ever see, but was hoping to! Beautiful artwork, as well!
Well, it a long story...

I love dragons, especially unusual types like feathered for example, but there are too many dragons in the fandom and I have actually lost the vibe of what means to be a dragon. So, I wanted something that looks somewhat like dragon but is actually not a dragon, and also it should be something more specific and personal. I remembered that I was a dinosaur fan in childhood, and also my favourite game for now is Ark Survival Evolved. As I am pretty much a birdie by my personality I wanted a species that is well known for being feathered, and also as I am a carnist myself, I wanted my fursona to be a carnivore.

Quite logical that I came to raptors and their relatives. Velociraptors are too popular, I wanted something more unusual, plus they are too small and agile for an image of my fursona I have in my mind. So I was choosing between more massive species of this group of dinosaurs, like deinonychus and utahraptor. Then I have found that deinonychus was one of the most intelligent dinosaurs and probably even more intelligent than velociraptor, and I decided that yes, it is my fursona.

But pure deinonychus was too brutal and not cute and fluffy enough for a fursona I wanted, plus I needed some markings inspiration, so I decided to mix it with some sort of mammal. I have choosen honey badger at becausethe beginning because it's an animal that some people associate me with, but I was also looking into other mustelides, skunks and raccoons. After some personal research and also making a poll on Furry Amino, I decided to change honey badger to red panda.


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I’ve flip flopped on my sona a few times. I’ve been everywhere, from a wolf, ram, polar bear, bleeding heart Luzon dove, and hairless minskin cat... but I’ve always come back to my fox. He’s just gotten kinda creepier looking over the years.


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Well picking mine was a bit hard for me. I originaly had design my sona to be more hidden in the clothes he was wearing (top hat,scarf,jacket) the only thing you could see was his two glowing yellow eyes in his shadow hidden face.
One other design i had, was a black and white cat with two buttons (the type you see on clothes) in his chest.
Im the end i went with a top hatted and red bow wearing fox,finding it more friendly and cute.


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I guess I'll reply to this thread again since I now have another fursona. :p
I chose a were-bat as my second fursona because they're frickin' sick. They are way cooler than werewolves imo. I made him 37 because I wanted a super mature character. Lol

Gabriel Foxx

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Yaxley is literally me. But... if I was thoroughly insane, had even less backbone, yet somehow managed to carry all that sophistication that I wish I payed enough attention to do irl. And was also a fox. How much of an afterthought that was should concern me more than it does ;)

Why? As a vessel for the qualities I admire, as an interesting character, and also as a motif for portraying myself the way I wanted to see me. That sounds very much like the generic narrative, but... there you are ;)


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I ended up going with three fursonas because I felt like I couldn't accurately represent myself with one or two.

Hyena - androgyny, strength, outgoing, finding the humor even in dark situations. This is my "ideal self."
Cheetah - focus in short bursts, speed (obvs) but no endurance. Represents myself as I am now. Also was my fave animal as a kid.
Deer - Either extremely timid or very stupidly brave, no in between. This is a spiritual sona for me that also reps my hometown and how we have a herd of about 30~ deer total that show up. Always feel really introspective looking at them.

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Well I chose a cross between a scottie dog and wolf because I've always been very lonely but can always roll with a pack (family / friends) can be very distant before getting to know a person. And also part scottie dog specifically a westie because I come from Scotland and I wanted my fursona to have some round fluffy features on him

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Kakapos are my favorite animal and I love Celtic and Irish culture which is why I made him a Druid.


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So I've swapped since last time I posted and all I have to say is:
Digimon are the champions


I chose a Spirit Guardian because they are unique, and their forms can be very useful. Also it was inspired to do so because that one game where they came from, Ori and The Blind Forest, was just too good to pass up. Their abilities with the spirits and their ability to connect with ancient pieces of spirits are amazing!


I picked a fox, because foxes have been my favorite animals for a long time. Mostly because of fox spirits in East Asian cultures. I also even remember having a dilemma between a fox and a raccoon, back in 2010 when I was new to the fandom. I've eventually picked a fox, but I still have raccoon patterns on my fur ;3


I picked a fox, because foxes have been my favorite animals for a long time. Mostly because of fox spirits in East Asian cultures. I also even remember having a dilemma between a fox and a raccoon, back in 2010 when I was new to the fandom. I've eventually picked a fox, but I still have raccoon patterns on my fur ;3

That's pretty cool! I always knew foxes had spiritual meaning behind them.


Autumn the Squirrel
There's a paint pattern on my bedroom walls that sort of has the silhouette of a cartoon squirrel (don't ask why it's there). I played around with it in MS Paint, made Autumn, and liked how she looked.


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I just made a new main fursona and I don't really know why I made him how I did to be honest ;-;


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I...doodled this and decided they were sort of me-looking. Better looking and healthier but also maybe happy, so all of those things would be ideal to work towards.


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Honey badger here. (icon of European badger, being I am euro.) The honey badger kinda picked me. I saw a hoodie at a convention when I was younger and spent all my money just for that. It was one of my first really "cosplays" and I fell in love. Besides that I do love me some honey and size means nothing compared to my ferocity