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Why did you choose your fursona?


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ouo I have always been a prehistoric nightmare creature-

But, nah. I just like to be different. And I like interesting prehistoric creatures.


On a highway to Hell
I used to have rats and chinchillas as pets, and I could relate to them more than any other creature for some reason.

Eliza Rattila

Rat Queen - Heir of Caffiene
My fursona is a rat because they are cute and bouncy and are super loving. Rats are often misunderstood and people find em scary, but i think they're cute and I scurry around in the dark eating food and squeaking when mildly startled so i guess I relate to them. Rats are trashy rodents and I love em to bits <3


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i agonized over an animal for a while when i decided to redo my fursona, it was hard since my last sona was a fantasy creature but i wanted to be more grounded/use an actual creature as reference this time around... wolves & dogs just don't FIT me fully even though i love them, so instead i chose a wolverine!! i love how short and stubby they are & i admire their bravery! i find them weirdly cute.


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For me it was a case of liking foxes, then I saw a picture of a cross fox and I just awwwed



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I played a character in Second Life named Hara Surya and after years of tinkering came up with an appearance I found attractive. I started doing 3D renders of that character in Poser and realized by making her more realistic she looked like she could be my sister. I eventually did more renders of her until I developed a backstory to go along with it.

Hara Surya is the pen name of both myself and a fictional woman named Sara Evans - who is the picture to your left. Sara is simply I name I like and Evans is my mother's maiden name.

Now, why my persona is a woman while I'm a man in real life is probably because of having some transsexual feelings, but no desire to follow to express it in real life. (I have a belief in reincarnation and I figure I'll probably come back as a woman at some point, so why bother in this life?) FWIW, Sara has similar feelings about her own gender identity. I think we both have the point of view being a "chick with a dick" would be the best of both worlds, but neither want to pursue it.
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Ra'ara Su'nai

The golden-voiced fox
I chose my fursona because blue is the color of the calm skies, purple is the former color of royalty, and foxes are the best known animals who can actually laugh the way humans do. And if you haven't seen what I mean, YouTube "Laughing Arctic Fox" for a few seconds of pure, unadulterated fox adorableness.


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Human, but I think it's fun to design her in different animal forms.
Started with Squirrel because Furcadia, I was often told I looked like it anyway with my curly hair.
Wolf, because friend liked woofs.
Tiger because it was my favorite style in kung-fu.
Monkey-like mannerisms/playfulness comes from me and my mom being both monkeys in the zodiac. My dad and bro are coincidentally both rams.


I chose hyena as a specie since they laugh and have ridiculously expressive faces. Also they live in packs etc,, all that. Weird tails. "I just think they're neat!"


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honestly, im not entirely sure why i chose mine, apart from the fact that i adore foxes. just what i wanted to be, i suppose.


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I have several characters I have given the 'Sona' or 'Mascot' status to, but my character, Destiny, is my primary one! I chose her because not only do I love cats big or small, but because she represents me in real life from her dark colored fur. She's a black jaguar and everyone says she looks like me!

Kosmo Kittypup

Goodest Space Boy
i chose a dog/cat cause i didn't wanna go for dog again, so i wanted to switch stuff up! initially i wanted it to be vague whether he was a dog or cat, but i figured it'd be more fun to just settle with both. (or, rather, just a lot less confusing...)
I spent a long time trying to decide if I even *was* a furry, and a of of animals, even though I love them all, didn't feel right to represent me. I changed my mind after becoming obsessed with Kobolds from D&D (not the dog-snouted ones from 5e, which are cute enough, but I like my lizard snouts) and suddenly found an artist who drew them in a way that I thought was Perfect. (@eddiew on FA or Nekozji on twitter) This lead me down a rabbit hole (Lizard hole?) that has lead me to where I am right now, having thrown myself into the community with little regard for my own personal safety.

As for why a kobold... you can blame a saucy little browser-based choose-your-own-adventure game called Kobold Adventures, where I really connected with the main character, a little kobold thief in a world that treats his/her/their (You can choose!) kind with disdain, who has dreams of becoming a knight. The game itself is very bad-end focused, unfortunately, but I fell in love with the concept and the struggle.

i chose a dog/cat cause i didn't wanna go for dog again, so i wanted to switch stuff up! initially i wanted it to be vague whether he was a dog or cat, but i figured it'd be more fun to just settle with both. (or, rather, just a lot less confusing...)

If Red XII taught me anything, it's that you can definitely have both ^^


gay lizard gang
Mine's a reptile hybrid of a Gecko, Chameleon, and a Snake (specifically more along the python line).
This is for a multitude of reasons. One being that lizards have always been an animal that I can really connect with, I sometimes have dreams about them, and even as a kid I'd always run around with this fake tail pretending to be a lizard person.
Now my favorite lizards are chameleons in particular, but I also like geckos so that's where that came from.
The snake part is because snakes are one of my favorite reptiles in general, I've always had this snake plush since I was a kid, too.