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Why do Furries love Steven Universe?


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It's mostly Tumblrinas who like it. It just happens that a lot of Tumblrinas consider themselves "furry trash".


To be honest I'm getting really sick of it. And one of my friends is shoving it down my throat demanding me to watch it. I'm sure it's not terrible or anything but it's not really my thing. I've only watched like the two first episodes though. I don't even know what the heck is going on...


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I dunno, every year there's a new show that pops up and gets super hot. They just constantly cycle in and out.
I stopped caring about these tv show fads after I saw what a mess the MLP fandom became.


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i watched it on the recommendation of a friend. though it sucked and had flat humor and bad timing


*farts out another half-assed thread*

what the fuck is steven universe and who or what is "Lion"?


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i never watched it and i won't watch it.
end of the discussion.


Hmm its because of the feels , and of salty pearl and dorito peridot .


*farts out another half-assed thread*

what the fuck is steven universe and who or what is "Lion"?

Steven universe is an epic cartoon with so much salty feels.

and this is lion


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........... I see. :|

Man, Kaizy, you are NOT kidding. I was sort of on the edge of the mlp fandom bc I grew up with the 80s one and some of it was fun and all, but it's kind of nuts how much of a hot mess the fandom ended up. I'm usually a fringer in fandoms anyway, but that's something that made me kind of pull away entirely. Ahhhh secondhand embarrassment.

Volk- DAMN ain't that the truth. As well as every other damn fandom. Is there even a term for the girls who act the same way? Because there's chicks that behave like that too and bleagh.

I dunno- I'm just kind of glad I get most of my exposure through pop culture osmosis and that I don't watch TV. I have more time to harass people on forums (lol) and draw and shit. It's probably better for me :V

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One thing to understand about Steven Universe is that the first season is pretty bad. You can tell the creators were just testing the waters, working on building in the universe and doing basic introductions of the characters in it. After that first season though the series really takes off. Heavy character driven episodes that develop the characters beyond the stereotypes and tropes they represent into full realized people begin to set the series apart from any other mainstream cartoon out there. Heck the amazing character development sets it apart from most media currently available.

Then there is the way the show manages to subvert gender stereotypes without even making a big deal about it. Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl are all clearly female characters, but they are the ones more likely to solve a problem through brute force or combat whereas Steven attempts to solve problems with compassion. Also another big thing about the show is that it openly displays a healthy lesbian relationship between two characters. This is at a time when only a few years ago on the same network a show that was aired an hour before adult swim got pulled in the middle of its' season finale for merely insinuating that two male characters might be attracted to one another. That really goes to show you that the creators are not going to pull punches or compromise the story they want to tell for fear of executive meddling or their show being cancelled and that takes integrity and courage.


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Maybe it seems like a lot of people like it because it's easy to find and theres a lot of publicity? i see other people are talking about the mlp nightmare, but that was also easy to find and there was a lot of advertising. i personally enjoy most cartoons out there now and thats mostly because i want to make cartoons, but you don't have a lot of people chatting about harvey beaks or wander over yonder, i mean some people talk about it but not too many, and they don't have the advertising or sheer amount of people following it that steven universe has. i'm not saying that its good or bad that so many people enjoy the show, but sometimes i wonder if it's just because so many people enjoy steven universe that makes people love or hate it...


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man you guys are so grumpy, cartoons are great live a little!

After large strings of bad cartoons, cartoons like SU with creators who care about the story are nice.

Coming from someone who hasnt watched it. Dont be butthurt over something you cant understand
No clue. I guess they just like it because they do.

Personally, I don't really. No, I don't just blindly hate cartoons because some of them can be enjoyable, but it's just not for me. Simple as that.


What the hell is Steven Universe? Just joking: heard of the show but never watched it. I only watched like 2 minutes of it once at my cousins'. I got bored of it pretty quickly. I haven't watched it enough to make an appropriate critique though


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I can't pay attention to cartoons when they try so hard for irreverence, BUT my friends seem to love it for its atypical body types and gender rolls, and the adult themes it tackles using its simplicity. like any art, the cartoon is what the viewer makes of it.

I find the dialogue over-simple and the plots pretty much nonsense magic garbage, but I'm not watching it to get involved with the characters or to discover the new spin on the old favorite magical!powers!kid angle, soooo


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I was under the impression that everyone, period, likes Stephen Universe.

I've only seen two episodes, so I am out of the loop entirely.


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I'll admit I'm a bit obsessed with the show. But it's mostly cause I like how the story has picked up. It started out slow, but then it started getting good when they brought in more characters. Now I'm just watching for closure and fusion dances. I do get a little nervous about how people might use the show for the wrong reasons. Like insinuating that the characters are lesbians and all that. I just see it as a kid's show and I don't think it needs all the labels complicating it.

My favorite character is Pearl by the way. Salty bird mom is best mom. Garnet is pretty cool too, even though she doesn't say much. And Amethyst, while being extremely unbearable the first season, really opens up as a character later on.