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Why do YOU put art on FA?



I do it because Im sad.:lol: I put it up just for the sake of having lots of people see it. Something which I havent had an awful lot of sucsess with so far. But who cares?

Post your awnser now!


I like sharing my ideas with other people. I'm attempting to write something that others will enjoy, so I need feedback. Also, I am an attention whore.


What is that old Linux saying…

Gathering data is the first step to wisdom, sharing data is the first step to community.

Furries are an online community of anthropomorphic animal enthusiasts; viewing and commenting on media is a way of sharing and expressing our interests within the group. Contributing to the circulation of anthropomorphic animal media on the web is the closest one can come to furry outside of a con, especially in areas cons and meets do not take place.

In the case of beginners such as myself, it is somewhere I can get the criticism and commentary to improve my drawings without the risk of people being judgemental for drawing furry themes.


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So one day I'll become famous and then I'll get the love that my parents never gave me. :C

/Not really.

Marl Duothimir

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To try and inspire myself to post more art. So far, it's not working so well.


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Why do I do it, quite a few reasons. Creativity needs an outlet, bottled up does nobody any good so it has to go somewhere. You can doodle on paper, splash some paint on a canvas, or toss mouse urine on a wireframe with toilet paper, but it makes not a lick of good unless you have somewhere to show it. Not everyone can run their their local art gallery to showcase their art, heaven knows how many folks go undiscovered because of the stigma behind public display. Yet we have to thank the internet for providing us with fertile ground to plant the seeds of creativity and imagination. Sure folks would say that some places on the net is nothing more but a big electronic refrigerator, but it is better than nothing.

Now comes the pressing question, why post to FA? I have my reasons, I feel FA is a more relaxed environment, despite the drama and the whoring sometimes. I can trace my art roots back to VCL before it's meltdown and back then, the choices were a bit limited. I see DA as I saw the SCFA/Yerf of back then, no shoes, no shirt, no service. (In other words, if your art is not of quality, forget applying there.) Although now I am getting the impression that anyone can apply to DA, but it still frightens me. Maybe I don't like spreading myself out too thin, which is why I'm only on FA. That might change, but I highly doubt it. Cheers.
I want to get a commission base going. On DA and elsewhere I upload just because people like it, and there's people I enjoy talking to. On FA (and partly because I've been gone so long) I don't have as big of a fan/friend base up. I also don't subscribe to every aspect of the furry community, so...I'm just here to display and sell. If a friend/fan comes out of the woodwork, great. :)


Because i do mostly furry art and this place is mostly furries =3

Srsly though. . . Because it's there. I have a DA because i have friends who have it, but most of us see each other's art before it goes on there O-o

And also so i can subscribe to things O-o

I like this place's environment better, though.

The day i joined i just got so much love XD And i've gotten good ctitiques formhere.

and let's face it. Rednef is hot.

.. er. . .

fender. I eman fender. *cough*


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I write furry/anthro stuff, which means my audience is mostly in the fandom, which means they're on sites like this. So posting my stories and poetry here gets them to the people who want to read that sort of thing, and I get feedback, which makes me happy, and hopefully they get something they can enjoy reading, which makes them happy, and it's all good.

Everywhere else that I'd tried to post, I wound up with very few comments (if any). I made my first post to FA and had comments on the piece the same day. After that I was hooked. >^_^<

And, also because I like the way the site is set up, for the most part, and that there are a lot of people here to keep things active, and that the name of the site doesn't form a questionable acronym or include the word "yiff."


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I posted art to VCL for the benefit of those who saw my work at cons and discussed on IRC. I briefly considered DA, but there was this Sheezy thing that at first appeared to be anthro friendly with the added plus of being a small community.

Just as I was going to hook up with SA, it went into convulsions over it's AUP change, and I aborted my plan to hook up there. FA had the trifecta--oriented toward anthropomorphics, small community (at the time), and commenting features. For some reason, commenting on a submission right there on the site is a lot easier than directly e-mailing the artist, which was the suggested method of feedback for VCL for a long time. (nowadays they are trying to do something about it)



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So one day I'll get good enough to sell stuff so I can buy some Bubble-Gum so I can kick ass.


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I am an amateur photographer and have the occasional picture to put up, aside commissions I paid for.


because i get a sense of belonging and that my art is apreciated also i love the friendly people i,ve met here ,it,s kind of like a home away from home,and i just love to share what i create


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I love to draw. Mostly furry. And this is the perfekt place to show my art and to meet other furries =)


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this is why.

making art for myself<making art for other people<making art for other people in exchange for some kind of prize.


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So I can share it with other people and maybe acheive a fanbase... XD yeah fucking right... no one even notices me /emo/ I'll still do the art for my personal enjoyment, but I would be more motivated if I got more pageviews and comments.


Get-dancing said:
Post your awnser now!
Dunno anymore...I guess I was just b/c everyone else was...
The more I post tho, the more I realize most people just aren't impressed.
There's really no getting around Bad-Ratings on a site that's just 1 big Popularity contest