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Why do YOU put art on FA?


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FA just happens to specialize in one of the things I do. Haven't drawn a human subject in . . . almost never.


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i put it on here because i desperately crave attention. now please, everyone go to my FAP (Fur Affinity Page) and fav everything, comment on the userpage and my journals and my pictures, and a few pm's. thanks!


gets it stuck between things
i need a place to showcase the chicks i draw so i just mix in a few of a dog so i can be a "furry" and still post human females in pictures.

the full reason of me on FA is the atmosphere in the forum and the totally furred up shnizzle i find browsing with my brain on standby mode. hilarious.

i love it here!


Well, long story short, I am an artist and I love sharing my work with fellow artists. I want to share my ideas with the world and introduce them to my world. PLus, it's a learning experience and it's so much fun.^_^
Because its a art site, DURH


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Because you can post almost anything, (Unlike my DA account) and here is much friendlier than Fchan.
Almost like being at a furcon 24/7.

Because it expands the number of people who see my art, and allows me to receive feedback from a primarily furry audience.

VCL is great for exposure but I don't get feedback. deviantART is crappy for feedback because most furs end up migrating here.
Oh and FA takes porn ^_^ Yay, porn.


i like to do anthro stuffs and it's nice to be able to share it with people that won't be all "LOL, Furfag!!!11!!!"

besides, it gives me a little thrill to see people commenting/faving/watching my stuff... especially the 3D stuff i do! :D
also, it's a great way to network since i KNOW i'm not the only person in the CG industry here (though we're not as common as illustrators.)



biggest reason for me was the folks here are much friendlier then people in fchan or on the furry newsgroups i also feel accepted here more then i ever did else where
i post my art here cause i get a better response from my work than the obligatory 'hehe coool" that you get from deviant art.

That and this place gives me inspiration, and my friends pimp me out to do comissions through other friends and watchers :)

I'm not actually sure... I don't really write much anthropomorphic poetry, but the novel I'm pretending to write is based on anthropomorphism so I guess that's what started it for me. That and deviantART seems more detached than FA, I'm more comfortable with an obvious society to contribute to.


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You assume that everyone that comes here posts art.
I don't.
Not while the rules and regs are still set up the way they are.


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I like posting my art on FA for many reasons.

1. To share it with others.

2. To gain feedback and comments from others. Hopefully they are informative comments so I can know what I need to improve upon or keep on doing.

3. I really like the community on FA. Everyone is a lot of fun. :D

4. To gain skill, experience, and also to expand my groups of clients...aka... advertise. :)

5. To help out other artists who are struggling or needing some encouragement.
Swampwulf said:
You assume that everyone that comes here posts art.
I don't.
Not while the rules and regs are still set up the way they are.

I don't think he was assuming anything. I think he was only talking to those people who do post art. He wasn't talking to ones who watch the art.


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Mainly to improve my digital work

Also to do some commissions (sometimes)


Reasons Rhari posts artwork:
1. School
2. Fanbase
3. ????
4. Profit.

Somewhere in there is self acceptance, venting, rationalising, being lazy and getting money to go places. I really like all the friends I've made too. It just really helps when you can get feedback and actually enjoy posting. DA is a good network too but they have SO many submissions and SO many artists it's easy to get over looked. FA has that small town quality, everyone knows somebody and somebody knows everyone. It's kinda like that. <3 Anyway, I enjoy the community and I've been involved in FA since.... Early 2005. Before these forums and when Flashchat was still around xD [Involved in Furry since 2000]


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For the lulz.

And so one day I might have an ED article about me.