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why dose everyone suggest the same few things over and over again?

dose this piss anyone else off as much as it dose me ? also would you consider shows about necos and

  • no im fine with the same 2 awsers stop asking me to try. necos and talking animals count

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  • yes I hate the lack of trying. no half breeds

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  • no im fine with the same 2 awsers stop asking me to try. no half breeds

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Artists in training. ^w^/
I don't know if anyone has this problem Ive asked around a bit for cool furry anime and manga its always
Monster Musume,sumerwars,spiseandwolf and thewolfchildren. come on i know of more then that are people even trying? The same happens with normal stuff to if someones recommends Sao or tokyo ghoul agan im going to scream lol.

Nicky The Husky

Oh man you sure in hell would hate my answer since you basically listed it Dx


Incomprehensible horror. DRAGON
Lol event then those arent even Furry, They're just monster girls or [AnimalKana]mimi's.
Though I'll through my one thought that comes to mind for the Nekomimi category. Anime/Manga called Loveless


Artists in training. ^w^/
Im aware monster girls are kinda there own thing but ive seen a good amount of people lump them in with furrys. personally I think they should be included along with nekos.
I already have loveless in my collection but thanks for bringing it up your honestly the first person i meet who even brought it up. lol
someone will probably look into it because of these posts.


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An older thing to look at could be Pet Shop of Horrors. It's not really furry, but there was an interesting aspect to each story where the animals looked like people to certain people, but not to others. And sometimes (while in the pet shop) the animals looked somewhat anthro. The anime version was only 4 episodes, but the original manga ran for like ten volumes. So good, especially if you like people getting what's coming to them. And Count D and Leon were so great. *wistful sigh*

Sarcastic Coffeecup

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Let's be honest, Spice And Wolf is probably the best furry-esque anime you're gonna watch.
Good banter, good snarky characters and interesting themes.