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Why most does ____ misconception exist? (Ask a non fur questions).


The Trickster coyote.
We all know there are misconceptions about the fandom but sometimes you guys think it's entirely the media's fault, a single csi episode or a part of the community you practically have to be in the community or hate furries with a passion.

So ask away

Some questions i will only privately answer and some not at all, but i will try to answer as truthfully as to why most people think the fandom is a certain way.
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Sergei Sóhomo

Because we're a depraved bunch that includes anyone and their dog and I literally mean their dog. Part of it is due to how the first furcon started which required multiple fetish groups to sustain it

Some dumbasses who publicly did and explained how to do things in public with their fursuits

Individuals who are unbearable