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Why no elderly fursonas?

south syde dobe

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The old smell funny


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42 here. No immortality, no magical life span, and not an ancillary character. Do I win a prize or just the fact that I'm in the 99th percentile for age (and age induced depression)?

Same here Xipoid.
I think the reason you don't 'see' older furries requires a two fold answer.
The first being that *most* avatars reflect the person behind them to a certain degree, and lets be honest, most of the folks in the fandom right now are fairly young.

The second part of that answer is that I have yet to find an artist that can *draw* and older looking fur. It's kind of hard to do with the fur hiding wrinkles and such that we, as humans, use as clues to age.
Hence the phrase 'greymuzzle' to describe those of us who aren't still wet behind the ears.


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My Character is a 928 Maned wolf High Mage that dosen't look a year over 28 Mortal years.

Now (In Modern time) Teaches college students Western Civilization History.
He can't get the AARP discount. XC

I'm 20 (Going on 21) and the character 's age (And Gender) dosen't match mine at all.


hi ilu :>
You don't see many senior furries for more or less the same reason you don't see seniors with pink mohawks listening to Flogging Molly.

Eh, it probably is just the general demographic of those who take interest in it. Which is most likely comprised of mostly, teens to people in their early to mid-twenties, though I have seen older folks have older fursonas as well.

This and this.

Also, I'm sure that a lot of people drop out of the main stream of the fandom once they get real jobs and families and lives.


A fursona is generally used for a person to pretend to be cooler than he/she really is. Being aged does not have any plus-sides, although being old has the plus side of knowledge and wisdom, hence all the really old, but actually 25 looking guys. I could only see someone playing an aged character if they wanted to create an interesting character, in which case they would probably write them into a book instead of pretending to be them, because having your cousin drive you to the mall is not cool.



Along the same lines, I wonder about blind furries, Suiters mainly. If there are any out there, and if so how far they take their fursona :p
Wow really, I need to win a prize.
Am I the only one here with a character that's got a body/soul that is 55(With no magical life-span-species-induced-superhuman-powers-immortal-and-stereotypical crap?)?
*The Price is Right theme song starts to fade away as I get inside the car and ram it through a wall, and conclude this post*
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Roose Hurro

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sad to hear that but by your discription you have an interesting character have you uploaded any stories?

No, no stories, not even RP for that particular character... most of my stuff lives in my head. Thanks for the compliment, also...



gray muzzle is sexy...

hmm... I just realized I REALLY like anthro dogs with a bearded/mustache muzzle...

south syde dobe

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they do, i wonder if at a certain age your body says to itself "your living far too long, im gonna make you smell of piss so no one will talk to you"

Yeah, I think thats one way nature tells you that you been here for quite some time and that you're going to have to call it quits sometime in the near future^^


is awaiting salvation
...they're depressing reminders of our own mortality...
I think that being aware that we are mortal is essential in order to feel love and empathy. The body is fairly resilient but frail all the same, and realizing the simple fact that you may not always have a special someone in your life will make you treasure them more than you thought possible.

...hold up, "greymuzzle?" I'm 22 and my beard is graying, I'm not old ;___;
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No, no... we wolves run in packs. ;)

Don't mean to spoil the mood, but packs aren't my thing. They're too crowded. But more on topic...

On what you said earlier, I always felt that one of the main reasons is that youth/eternal life is held in such high regard by furs (and regular people) is some inherent fear of death or loss. It's almost like some kind of rationalization used to distract or enamor depending on how you want to spin that. Something about escapism et caetera.

That, and a very large portion furs are from 15-25, and when they make their "perfect representation" many of them prefer the whole "young, alive, healthy" aspects instead of the "aged, potentially creepy, likely possessing deteriorating health". But hey, we can all dream, can't we?


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My fursona is 150+ years old, and I'm writing a biography that reflects that fact. And it's a loooong one!

Extemely long story short: he's lived to see the end of the 21st century, and when his human body was at its end, he had his brain downloaded into a machine until his custom-made android body (in the form of a draconic android, of course) could be built. Now, he enjoys a semblance of eternal youth in mid-22nd century society.
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My avatar (or fursona, as some would have it), is an ancient godlike Stag Beetle creature from the heavens of another planet that's still quite lively.


My fursona ages at the same rate as I do, considering that my fursona is basically an anthropomorphized version of myself. Same personality, same height, same weight, same wardrobe, same age too.