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Why Popufur?


If they're not a significant and skilled artist, fursuit maker, photographer, or have an interesting/creative character design (often with fursuit), it's likely because they're generally a nice person. When it comes to the one's who are considered "popufur" I know or have conversed with, they've almost always come off as friendly, rarely being stand-offy douchebags.

In essence, you want to be popufur? Be nice. Make your reputation as a non-creepy, friendly and social person to everyone excluding Tumblr SJW's. "Popularity" generally means "well-liked," being an anti-social asshole will get you knowhere.

Also commissioning porn helps quite a bit.


Artistic Mouse
i dont think id ever wanna be noticed or admired by many people my anxiety might kill me if that sort of thing would happen

^THIS so much god damned this!

The idea of being scruitinized by a community that either loves or
hates you with few in between I'd rather be under the radar. So many
popular furs get examined for wiping their ass wrong it's crazy. Being
famous of course comes with negatives.

Like Dragoneer, he is well known but severely hated among some and loved by a few lol
Or any of the famous furs who have gotten a rep, for bad and good everyone of them
has this army of fans and haters. Haters being way more destructive as they expose your
private lives to your coworkers or employers.

Way too much sketchy shit happens in the so called IN groups as well, not saying that it's
all bad but you definitely can't just be a normal artist anymore. Everything you do is magnified
back at you by angry or loving fans.

Heck you can't even have personal rant journals without it being copy and pasted back at you or about you in a hate thread


Your Friendly Neighborhood Dino Therapist
Based on Tumblrs I've come across, being involved in porn or murrsuiting is a quicker ticket to becoming "infurmous" than "popufur," because there will be people who will eat you alive (lol vore) for it.


I see all the points everyone is making, and they all make sense. I find the porn thing to be hilarious, that it adds to the popufurness if you have porn commissioned or whatever. I mean, why? I'd rather see a cute piece of them, say, jumping in a pile of leaves than having sex xD Plus it would be weird to see them in person and think "Oh, I saw their art of their fursona having crazy sex." Maybe that's just me?

Regardless of all this, I think being popufur would be annoying as hell. Just look at poor Telephone. All the Youtube videos and stuff show people hoarding around her, even when she's simply walking from one place to the next. She ALWAYS has to be in character, which isn't a bad thing, but it seems tiresome. People running up and hugging you, screaming your name like fangirls. Ewww, annoying.


New Member
I think in my opinion that it's inevitable that we are going to have people that are admired and followed. To be honest they don't necessarily have to be decent at all things just at least one, and some times not anything at all. Humans natural need to have interaction drives the want to be accepted. People end up liking what others like, simply because it is liked. It all depends on what the crowd wants to see. Something that was cool to do a year ago is cliche now. So who knows what make popufurs stand out. The formula to be a popufur will evolve and be completely different in a matter of months.


Your Friendly Neighborhood Dino Therapist
Well, and when you're ultra-famous, people scrutinize your every move, and the green-eyed haters start to come out of the woodwork to complain about how you're "not that great."

Where real-life celebrities get snarked at for getting fat, dressing frumpily, tripping on the red carpet, or having food in their teeth in a paparazzi photo, popufurs get screeched at for things they've said or posted on FA or social media, or get chewed out (sometimes rightly) for mistreating customers, abusing artists, or screwing up on commissions.

SJWs are the worst when it comes to scrutinizing and criticizing what gets said on social media. Even poor Telephone hasn't been safe from them.