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why the when mom keeps saying beep at?


Bottom Feeder
Hi guy(s), so I've been having problems with my mom this week since I took someone's advice and tried to change her oil, all she does is give me dirty looks and hits and runs me over even more now. I tried calming her down by offering our Cat as a sacrifice (Since the darkest day the small feline has been house-bound and also moves via wheel chair due to his many injuries on the lightest day) but she politely declined by kicking the dog into my toe. We managed to move into a small mouse trap house yesterday but for now the boot keeps hissing at me and sometimes i think the walls are looking at me, but they just reassure me by saying they're checking me out.

I'm not sure what the future holds for me and the wheelchair but I guess we'll see


Blue Frog
Um... the amount of objects harassing you is unbelievable. T_T
I don't get that at my house when I talk to the walls and I'm good friends with my tennis shoes (I mean, we have our arguments at times)!

Your mom's pretty rude. You think you can you afford getting another mom? Depending on where you live, perhaps bikes can be more polite and practical?

Also, lizards. I think they're funny and amazing to have a chat with, so maybe a distraction from your problems if it makes sense to you?


You should report that boot to the authorities for hissing at you!