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Why this one?


why does your fursona look like it does? is it to look like the current you, you just want to look like it, you think it should, thats just how it is, etc.

I'd have to say for me it was modeled after myself to an extent, going on to what I want to look like.

BTW, sorry if a similar thread exists...


Healer of Ki
I modeled my fursona after my inner self. Physically he is what I'm striving to be, behaviorally and mentally is modeled after myself


The Nat 1 Guy.
My fursona is sorta modeled after what I hope to acheive, intellectually.


the cowboy wolf/roo
it's me, but for three things the tail, the ears, and the eyes. i have blue eyes and he has blue and green. (but when i put in my contacts i have blue and green)


Fundamentalist Heretic
My fursona is what I hope to be someday. (Physically, anyway. His personality is somewhat similar to mine, but there are some very key differences.)

Yes, I know that will require my human form to live well past 100 years. So be it.


I like goats. The hair is what mine looked like at the time, and I still like it. The fur markings, I just asked, "Hey, what do you think my 'sona's markings should be?" and someone drew a design I liked. And I like green eyes.

PS. What is with you people wanting to be mentally inferior or non-existent creatures? I, for one, enjoy my humanity and sentience.