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Why Trophies and points?

Sigvard Alfrothul

Active Member
I might just be naïve but what exactly is the point of earning trophies and points? My best guess are to incourage post, shares, likes, and genuine activity but it’s always struck me as being rather odd to include a point system that can’t be redeemed in some way... I guess other than purely for bragging rights! Anyone with any thoughts or insight into this?

Nexus Cabler

Conduit of Synergy
I thought about this too a bit when I first noticed it.

I figured it’s just a little feature intended to make things more fun. I don’t see any legitimate gains from it. It reminds me much like achievements and trophies people earn from video games they play. Not really any value to it, but it’s usually satisfying to see that you’ve been awarded a little badge for doing something you enjoy.


Well-Known Member
My guess would be that it’s functionality that’s built into the forum software or one of the plugins FAF uses, and since it’s harmless it might as well be turned on.