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Why Was Your Day Good?


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I finished work. My day is always good when that happens.


I may be mad but I'm perfectly good at it.
I'm suffering from indigestion so I took some gaviscon tablets. Now I am happy and minty fresh.

Also, my foot which I had surgery on recently isn't hurting too badly and seems to be healing well.

Absence of pain is so refreshing. I can actually think clearly again. Oh joy.


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It was good because a certain skunk wished me pleasant dreams; and a goodnight : )


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One week ago today my mate proposed to me on a beautiful hiking trail in Tonto Natural Bridge State Park in Arizona. ❤️

Today, the cat must have sensed that I needed extra purrs or decided that I'd make a comfy bed. Either way, I had a big fluffy cat laying on me for about 20 minutes. He's never done that before. The rest of the day he has rarely left my side. He's been doing that a lot lately. I guess he needs the extra cuddles, I need the extra purrs or both.


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Mississippi recently repealed a law that kept power companies from being able provide internet to its customers.

My power company has been the second in Mississippi to announce that it’ll be taking advantage of that and will provide internet to its customers.

Hell yes. Maybe I’ll finally get decent internet out here for once in the coming years.

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That's like the perfect thread to flex with your relationship.

But nah, today was good because I was able to chill all day long after going through a five hour drive home yesterday night. And because I left my house clean and orderly before leaving I needn't move even one finger today. Just no worries at all~


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My day was good thanks to my old pal Jack Daniels



Kind of a counterbalance to the vent thread, what happened today (or recently!) that was good?

For me, I got a job I thought I interviewed terribly at! So that's pretty rad. :3

congrats on the job!!! dude thats gotta feels so satisfying;; Im sure it was just the nerves saying that you did bad then--

but for me a skittish stray kitty that lives by my house finally let me pet her today;0;;;;

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Did some speech therapy with a five year old today and everything went just so flawless. I love it when good preparation pays out.