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Why Was Your Day Good?


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Got to ride in a helicopter today.

Only for about twenty feet though lol! He was transferring one from the mobile pad and replacing it with another.

Not going to post a pic of that specific one cause I don’t want to get him in trouble since he’s not supposed to allow riders at all! Lol. Just in case

But it was the same kind as these.

It was neat though. The hovering feels so weird.


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I’ve never been a very personable person, I’ve always found it hard to do even at work.

Well I practiced today on a couple of friendly folks who flew in.

I greeted them, and ENGAGED a conversation with them. That is something I never did. Learned he used to work at an FBO too, and asked how I like it here. To which I said I loved it! Pilots have always been friendly to me most of the time and it’s a very rewarding job. Then yada yada.

He thanked me for my kindness as I gave him the keys to our courtesy car.

When he got back he handed me a 5 dollar bill. Not much, but it was the way he handed it to me with very much appreciation. It was the most enthusiastic tip I’ve ever got, and that was very rewarding to me.

Maybe my practice is working.


Captious Lycanthrope of Forum Legend
It is good now because it is my Friday, I just got off work, and I get to have the first day off I’ve had in 10 days <:


Lady of the lake
I hugged a lemur yesterday. And then she groomed my head. It was the cutest thing ever.
My day was clearly superior. Bow before me.


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My dad wanted me to go test drive a truck for him, so I did. I love testing new things!

However, my dad wanted a truck with a little pick up to it and I wasn’t quite sure how my dad would think of it in that area. My dad works so didn’t have time to test it, and I told the salesman that.

Dude gave me the keys and said “Keep it overnight so your dad can test it himself”

I was like “Damn really?”

Couldn’t believe he let me do that. We did purchase some cars from this place before so they consider us loyal customers, but still. Didn’t know they’d do that.

Might have paid off for the salesman though. Dad said he’s getting it if they can fix a little rattle it has in the back.


aka Cutter Cat
The day started out as poop when power went out early this morning, but came back on about 9AM. I got the con books finished for Mephit Fur Meet, found out I sold some stuff on Ebay, and went on Craigs list and found two almost new air conditioners for $15 each. I tested them and they were good. The guy had some crappy antiques, which I appraised for him for free. I ate some Taco Bell and started getting plushies out to take to the con to sell. The only bad thing really was that I couldn't find my circular saw to make the crate for the giant clam shell that I have to ship. It weighs right at one hundred pounds (about 45 kilos). Making the crate isn't a problem as I am an accomplished carpenter, but you can only do so much with a saws all and a radial arm saw. I guess I'll get out my jig saw if I can't find it.

Kit H. Ruppell

Exterminieren! Exterminieren!
It's the last day of my work week.


[asthmacat loved that]
said goodbye to some of my favorite co-workers today. that doesn’t sound good, it sounds sad, but they showed me hospitality when no one else would and i know that if i ever came back they’d welcome me. they deserve much better
my last day is tomorrow, technically today since its passed midnight so that’s also really good


Lady of the lake
I hung out with lemurs again.
And I just fixed my camera backpack :)
A backpack I bought less than a year ago. Which is supposed to be for professional photographers. And cost 150 bucks. And that shouldn't break in less than a year. At the same places the last one I got I broke at (zippers and shoulder straps).
I am not going to buy that brand again.


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Today? It's been pretty good because I'm off and have a 3 day weekend because of labor day.

I'm still taking care of my roommate since he broke his leg , but in general I'm just happy to help right now. I can just enjoy existing. And drink. Like day drinking and I've been doing it.