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(Adopt/Character) Selling: Wild Leopards - 1 / 6 OPEN!

To claim please visit this page: Wild Leopards - 1 / 6 OPEN!

'Aye, guys! Hope you had a wonderful Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I didn't think I'd make more adoptable before the end of 2020, but here I am. xD
The time has come to make the creatures that my username is known for - leopards! Heart


First come, first serve!
Do not steal the design, unless you've purchased it.
Do not re-sell for a bigger amount than you actually bought it for.
I can hold an adoptable for 3 days, then it will be up for adoption again.
You can trade, gift, or set the design up for adoption.
You can change species.
You can change gender.
You can add, change, remove, and edit anything.


- You will receive a full-sized, unwatermarked files of
your design
- You'll have full owner's permission of the character
- If desired, you may ask for a .PSD file too (layer file)


On Hold

#1. Auburn - CLOSED
Price - $10.00 USD
Owner - Pearly-There on DA

#2. Strawberry Blonde - CLOSED
Price - $10.00 USD
Owner - beccazw on DA

#3. Brunette - CLOSED
Price - $10.00 USD
Traits - Two golden piercings in left ear
Owner - Rainbow-Kai on DA

#4. Blonde - OPEN
Price - $10.00 USD
Owner -

#5. Ginger - CLOSED
Price - $10.00 USD
Traits - Two scars on nose, and a claw mark on left shoulder
Owner - celticunicorn celticunicorn

#6. Platinum Blonde - CLOSED
Price - $10.00 USD
Traits - Heterochromia, left eye is blue while right is brown
Owner - zotz zotz

Lineart - bluuleopard bluuleopard
Designs - bluuleopard bluuleopard

Enjoy! Feel free to favourite and leave a comment. ;3
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