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Will the Commission Pages Ever Be Fixed?

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But that doesn't mean that every artist is going to post that in their info. In fact most are either too lazy to or just don't feel like it.


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That's an issue you'll have to take up with the artist, then. Unfortunately, that's just the way it's going to have to be for now.

The short answer to your question is 'Yes, they will be fixed'. Eventually.


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I posted mine in my profile info. You can still access it from your control panel, all you gotta do is copy it over.


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I added a set of guidelines to both the art exchange and tha black market. While most people use prefixes now and tell whatr they are after, addidng slots still seems to be a PITA. :-(
Looks like I have to make those guidelines official rules in the foreseeable future if this doesn't work, but I still don't give up hope they'll learn to read ALL the text of a stickyfied thread - especially if it was started by a mod.


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hey warmock and xaerun. heres a lovly idea. everytime someone brings up this question give them a locking and tell them it will never be fixed and we are tired of hearing your whining. seriously as much i dislike the fact the commission pages have been down for over 3 months now i frankly don't care. i'll ask a artist what the prices are. god forbid i get lazy like some people do and whine when they can't directly see pricing. it makes me mad to see these forums flooded with em. again pardon me for the above suggestion but seriously maybe you guys should start enforcing a zero tolerance on asking about this subject its getting to be incredibly annoying again no offense.


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Huh. I forgot to lock this thread. My bad.

People are entitled to ask and certainly entitled to receive word from a member of staff if they so need it, but they should scan the forum first (hey hey, a search function!) to check if it's already being discussed. I am locking duplicate threads and directing them to the original. I'm certainly not going to lock every single thread (including the original), but I will lock the duplicates. Sounds fair enough, no~?

[Unless replying to the original would mean an epic necro]

Thread locked!
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