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Will there ever be a con in Toronto or Niagara Falls?


I live close to both those locations, and I was wondering if there will ever be a con there.


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why not try to get one goign?


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There is a very common question:
"Why isn't there a convention in <place>?"

This is the simplest, most true answer:
"Because you haven't started one yet."
that truely is a good question

maybe the toronto fur community isnt quite big enough to throw a convention? I know theres a large amount of furs in canada, but considering Toronto is only one place and Canada (or even just ontario) in itself is pretty huge, thats a lot of kilometers you gotta drive to get to a con.

either that or the furry community is still semi underground/taboo up here. I dunno.

I know alot of furs who look forward to going to anime north every year. i think i'm one of the very few who dont go to animenorth...i just dont watch enough anime anymore to justify going. (shrug)


I don't watch enough in going to Anime North either I thought it was because no one had the time to do noe