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Commission Work: Short Story and One-Off Writer!
Okay so I wanna get more art of my first Protogen, however there are some issues; Its a unique race for sonas but I have no money (rent and bills >~<), i also don't really know what i want and would appreciate an artist that wouldn't mind brainstorming with me despite this being a free request. However, I do have old OCs I don't use and will gladly trade for the art to be made as it's gonna be a full body ref sheet.

I'm also a writer and can also give you a short story along with the trades. I do this because every furry who has Protogens says they are an expensive sona to get made costing at least $20-$50 for a headshot of one. I'm patient and do not mind waiting so of anyones interested let me know.
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Commission Work: Short Story and One-Off Writer!

Those are the OCs available for trade should you not want a request. I also have other on Google drive so if you wanna see those just ask.


Commission Work: Short Story and One-Off Writer!
Hi there. There is an OTA Protogen that's accepting money, art, characters, or points.

www.furaffinity.net: [OTA] Orange-y Protogen by Mushiri ( it's already pre-designed )

I recommend searching OTA, Protogen in the search bar on Furaffinity. Sometimes you'll be lucky to see Protogen adopts. I hope this helps! ^^
I'll keep it marked but i want a custom one cause i want it to feel like me. I'm still gonna search it up, always good to have a plane B.

Thanks for the link! ^^