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Will we ever...


Fighter of the Nightman
If newcomers keep coming in, then you might have a chance.


Resistance is futile! If 0 ohm
Just to smite Cannonfodder I'll run in front of a news camera screaming "YIFFFFFFFF" and make suggestive gestures.
You know what I would like to see, a newsreporter going for the sex story and the furry go, "I've had enough of your snide insinuations" *punch*.
If newcomers keep coming in, then you might have a chance.
The fandom for some reason I still don't understand why doubled last year and it might happen again this year.
The newcomers are worse. XD
Depends they may be idiots but atleast the majority aren't dog fuckers and that.




There are no furry stereotypes.
It's the same as the american dream.
And that all Israelis eat hummus.
And that every Palestinian is a terrorist.
And that every russian drinks vodka.. well that one is wrong.






Ironic how one of the stereotypes of the furry fandom is how they complain about them being stereotyped so much.


Fundamentalist Heretic
Stereotypes die hard. I expect being a furry will be more accepted in mainstream culture eventually, but there stereotype will never really go away.


Bike riding squirrel thing.
...Get rid of all the steryotypes surrounding us? (I think someone already asked this. >_>)

Not a chance on earth unless we as furries drastically change our ways. Stereotypes start for a reason and more often or not start from truth. Probably from someones personal experience with one or two furries.

One stereotype is being beasties or zoo's. Perhaps if we eradicated all the porn and kicked out any known zoo's from popular websites it may impact on that stereotype.

But I doubt that will ever happen so we will be stuck with the stereotypes.