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Wing Study


Ihanen Guide my Hand
I was curious if anyone knew of any expert level wing study tutorials. I find all kinds of "how to construct a bat wing" kind of tutorials, but nothing on intricate shading of wings. I am trying to take the detail in my wings to the next level. I am particularly looking at how to find the proper folds and membrane shapes as the wings go into different positions. I don't seem to have a pet bat around to sit and be my model so am looking for alternatives. Should I work with fabric shading or is there something I can construct a smaller model out of (cheaply cause don't have much in the way of funds atm)?

Here are two examples of what I'm kinda looking for as far as detail Membrane folds & Wing Detail. I know the wing detail one is a figurine, but it shows what I'm looking for anyways lol


Prisoner 655321
I would suggest drawing from life (its not what I exactly like doing, but it works) Well, because wings are usually moving when they are extended, you might actually want to try a picture. No how-to tutorial will help as much as getting right into a study.

Just google "bats" and draw the examples that pop up. Wings are sorta tricky, just remember that they have the same bone structure as a hand, only with long webbed fingers.

Also I would avoid drawing from other drawings because most artists stylize wings or just have their own styles, its best to work from the real thing.


Ihanen Guide my Hand
I've done the bat wing study to tears, I'm kind of looking for that little extra to put into the wings because they still feel not overly realistic enough for what I would expect to see on a dragon irl.