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Wings on non-winged species?


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I know that there are a few non-winged species furries (wolves, foxes, etc) that have wings. In searching the forums before make this thread, I found another thread discussing the preferred style of wings in this case. It turned out that the best style is that which adds extra limbs (angel-like), thus leaving the arms and hands to function normally. I wanted to get a sense for the general perception of wings on species that don't normally have wings.

EDIT: Just to clarify, I'm not trying to make this about me or my fursona. I would have placed it in Fursona Personas if that were the case...
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Ive spent hours doing just the oppisate, but do what ever the hell you want with your made up symbolistic animal person


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Go for whatever you want. It's your character, not ours.
Also, as side note, no ones opinion is going to affect my choice, for if it did I wouldn't be a fox :p

You see, I wasn't really looking for an opinion as for whether or not I should add wings to my character; rather, I wanted to discuss wings in general.


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I don't know what, specifically, you're asking about wings on non-winged species, though.
It's pretty common / popular within the fandom.
I doubt anyone particularly cares about it. We're not all anal retentive about species exacts, as far as I've observed.


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I do like wings on non-winged species - actually screw that, I LOVE them - but the only thing that throws me (the tiniest amount) is feathers on a furred animal.

So I've been wanting to play around with the idea of fur on wings for a while (as impractical as it would be to have furred wings). Has anyone seen any examples of this before?

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I have no opinions on what other people want to do with their characters. It's all cool. Just go for it.

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If the species is of avian origin, go for wings. If it's a landlubber like an otter or a wolf, don't. That's just stupid.


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theres nothing wrong with having wings on your sona, just don't make it overpowered.


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I like bat wings, myself!

As always, it has to fit the character. It's usually obvious when someone's tacked a pair of wings onto an already overpowered and over-sparkled character.


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I think it is totally cute if done right. It can be ridiculous if it is a super-sparkle-look-at-me fursona, though.


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I dunno... Stuff like wings to me always makes it look like we are entering "trying too hard" territory.
Why should that character have wings? If you add them "just to make him/her look cool" it's just too much in my opinion.

Ultimately it's your choice and your character. But that doesn't change that there are good and bad charatcer designs :p


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I usually think it looks retarded, but I honestly don't care. It really is your character do what you want.

Shit, you can potentially make him/her a really good character, wings included.

You could also make a bad character and the wings will look silly and tryhard.


Holly has wings, being mostly owl and all. Of course she's probably the worst flyer out there.


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I enjoy seeing non-winged animals with wings. However, I tend to go more for wing on the arms; otherwise you have to mess around with how the muscles would work, attachments, extra appendages, etc. to make it look "normal." On a side note, it's your character, so you make it how you want to.


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I personally love mixing fur, feathers, scales, and such. :3 I have a creature where I did such as thing:

Man he needs a redraw though. XP
(I have other characters with both feathers and fur but I haven't drawn them yet. It looks really cool when done right.)

So I've been wanting to play around with the idea of fur on wings for a while (as impractical as it would be to have furred wings). Has anyone seen any examples of this before?






Just search Mega Absol really. Some images will have feathers, but fur is cannon.


My fursona's early design was simply a wolf with wings, and I hated it. Afterwords I added plenty of feathers, an owl tail, talons, owl-like eyes, and the ability to squawk, renaming her an owlbeast. It'll do for now, but I still may change her in the future. It's a bit much, to be perfectly honest, but I'd rather her be an odd-looking creature than be yet another fox.

To put things simply, I'm not the biggest fan of a simple creature that randomly has wings, but it's your fursona, do whatever the heck you want.