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Winter Commission sale starting at $15 - Limited Availability

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Taking these commissions early so I can get them in on time by the holidays.
They do not have to be strictly holiday themed, as long as it ties into the winter season in some way (winter sports, icy/snowy goodness, etc.) it's fine~

I'm still moving into a new FA account, so if you'd like to see more general samples of my work, go to my Tumblr.
If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch!

  • [*=center]All rates above are in USD and do not include Paypal fees.
    [*=center]I’m open to drawing most things. I don’t usually decline commissions, if I do, it just means I’m not fit for the job!
    [*=center]In regards to NSFW: Holiday nudes/pinups are fine, but I won't draw anything X-rated.
    [*=center]Complex characters may increase the price of Illustrations. For Minis, the price will not be affected, but fine details may be omitted.
    [*=center]Full resolutions are: 500 x 500 (per icon), 1200 x 1650 (Minis) and 2400 x 3300 (Illustrations)
    [*=center]Icons and minis get sketch WIPs only. Illustrations get WIPs in the sketch, ink, and flats stage.
I will only fix errors in the final image if it is my mistake, and not a result of faulty references or lack of communication.


  • [*=center]Last day to put down an order is Dec 10th, I will not be taking new commissions after that date.
    [*=center]Contact me at neganeon@gmail.com with your references, what you would like, contact email and any other information you need me to know.
    [*=center]I do check the forums and FA, though not as often as my email. You can use PMs if you prefer that, but I won't respond as quickly.
    [*=center]Character reference is required, I will not work from descriptions for these.


  • [*=center]Paypal only, an invoice will be sent out to you once your commission is approved.
    [*=center]Installment payments are accepted upon request, for those who can’t pay in full upfront. Just let me know and we can make arrangements.
    [*=center]Payment must be given before I can begin work. Full payment is required in order to deliver the image(s).
    [*=center]Final deadline for payment is December 20th.
By purchasing a winter commission, you agree that you can get full payment in by that date.
If payment is not cleared by then, it will result in cancellation of your commission, incomplete payments will not be guaranteed a refund.
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