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Winter-Time Lingerie Pin-Ups!


New Member
It's been WAY too long since I've done any Lingerie themed commissions, I think it's time to remedy this.
This round, the theme will specifically be Winter Time Lingerie pin ups, so think big thick socks/boots, floppy sweaters (maybe "Ugly Sweaters"?) paired with cute/sexy undies. These will be 8.5x11" full color and full detail: tiny little lace, buttons, pattern/texture details.

Here are some style examples:

As always, I'm completely open to both specific detail requests, or none at all! Whether you have something in particular in mind or you have no idea and just want a surprise, I'm fine with either. If you'd like to get one or more spots, send me a note with references (if you have them), basic details like gender/species/body-type, and any other details you would like to see in the picture.

For commission info and more details, visit the Journal --> HERE <--