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(WIP) What do you guys think?


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Rollling Tumbling along
You did a nice job ! the perspective is interesting, theres a real (funny) story behind the image, theres a nice demarcation between the main subject (bright colors) and the background (more pastel). all in all you know how to direct the gaze of the viewer (first center, then up left, then middle right) to make the picture interesting.

if you're interested to know stuff you can improve, id say (but thats my opinion oc) : it took me some time (well one or two sec lol) to understand it was a big dog behind the main chara, because theres just a bit of mouth and nose. id suggest to just put a little more of the dog face, not the whole face but maybe middle muzzle ? to make it more clear. also, the clouds look a little funky ; its in a different style than the rest of the picture so it made my gaze linger on it more than it should have.

But then again its my personal feeling, oc feel free to take it into account ! its a really nice artwork to conclude :)