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Wisdom teeth removal concerns...


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I know this is totally random, but you guys are perfect for this...

So basically I'm getting my wisdom teeth ripped out in a few weeks, and I'm extremely worried about one thing in particular. I always hear stories about how people say embarrassing things while under the "rainbows and unicorns" gas, and I'm terrified that I might say something furry related. Stupid, I know, but my mother is taking me and I'm so afraid that I'll start blabbing on about my fursona - or something worse. My mother knows nothing about the fandom as far as I know, or that I'm bisexual. It would be just like me to open my mouth and spill all of my personal thoughts onto my mother...

Any thoughts on this will be greatly appreciated!


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My great gran had her wisdom teeth pulled. Fucker is still alive and have more energy than a heavily stoned teenager.

Nah, mate. You'll be fine. She knows you're under the influence of the real funny gas, and as such, can and will say weird and even stupid shit. Tell her afterwards if she asks questions.

Or, you know. Just be honest with her IF you blurt out anything she doesn't need to hear.


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You'll be fine. These folks are familiar with hearing the most explicit, sparkly stories about angels and unicorns, nothing you can say will shock them, even your fursona's most outrageous exploits. Plus, you'll be on cloud nine, and won't even remember : P

But one question. You have a beak.

Is this a 'wisdom beak', and then, another beak is under it, or one grows out? The anatomy has me confused in this case, but I'm sure the vet knows what they are doing.
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I had mine pulled with just local anesthetic...Dentist had to drill out jaw material to get the bottom 2 out while I was fully awake:D

You'll be fine...


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Wisdom teeth... I'm gonna remove them the 27th, November...

I don't find that scary, everybody said that don't hurt at all, so I'll listen my music and close my eyes

If it hurts, I'll chop his hand... haha I joke, I joke...


In my personal experience (had mine pulled in May this year) i didn't say anything even remotely stupid, i was just very quiet and drowsy. I recieved an IV, and had something placed on my mouth to calm me. One second i'm waiting for things to kick in, next second my mom is helping me out of the chair and into the car. There was an entire section where i was taken to the operating room, woke up and was walked back to the chair that i didn't even remember. Tbh the worst part about it will be the pain and the fact that you have to live off of soup and mashed potatoes for the next week.

Although the worst part for me was the part where i didn't eat or drink anything for a whole day. Like, literally a full 24 hours and i felt like shit the next day. Don't do that.


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Bonus points here...

If you get your wisdom teeth out before your 18-20 their not fully formed yet and have very little to no roots,just bulbs..

I had mine out at 24,fully formed and a bitch to extract...


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I was too young when they pulled mine so they werent fully formed they had to chip and break small parts of my jaw, I was fully awake for all 4, you only feel pressure but no pain, and see alot of blood if your okay with that


They gave me some shit called "twilight sleep" or something. I was out cold, but not full anesthesia. I had all 4 of mine done at 27 because one was abscessed and rotting underneath. The surgeon was like "So, we're going to take out 2 wisdom teeth today?" I was like "Fuck no, you're getting rid of all of them today, 'cause I'm not dealing with this twice!" I ate soup for a week and took nasty hydrocodone pills. I have no clue how anyone can like that horrible shit enough to get addicted to it!


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I have seen a lot of videos and heard stories, but from my own personal experience, when I woke up from surgery I was completely fine.
I got mine done at a hospital, though, where they put me to sleep because I was too panicky for the surgeon to do it at his own practice, they needed a stronger anesthetic.
But when I woke up, I was immediately cognizant and aware of my surroundings and ready to leave.
The nurse was even like "you're under a very strong anesthetic right now, you probably won't remember any of this" and i was like haha, Bitch you Thought (^:
granted I did flash a titty at my then-bf while no one else was in the room but I would have definitely done that sober so it isn't saying much.

But when my current-bf got his wisdom teeth taken out, they did it with a general anesthesia and the procedure took literally like 20 minutes.
I got him in the car and all he did was sit there and be quiet because he had cotton in his mouth and he was sleepy. He did have more of a memory gap than I did, though.
I think you'll be okay as long as you remember "I am on drugs right now. I am just going to sleep."
That goes for any drug, really, just tell yourself "It's just drugs" and everything is okay.


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what the heck?! why wasn't I there for this flash?!?!

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My specialist told me that I'll be doped up on pills. Not sure if that will have the same effect as gas, but if I let some of the weird shit I'm into slip people will never look at me the same way again...


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My experience was getting an IV injection, doc counting backwards from 100. I think I got to maybe 70 before I was waking up in a chair groggy as hell. You’ll ge fine. If you happen to blurt out something furry & you’re still in the closet, blame the drugs!

Tho IMO, no reason to be in the closet. Closets are dark, smelly and cramped. :mad:


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They hit me with general anesthesia when I got mine out because they had to saw through bone to get to them. Things took so long I woke up long after the gas had worn off. Even if you do still have lingering effects when you come to, most people chalk the blathering up to the drugs and think nothing of it. You'll be fine.


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If you're worried about it you could always ask them to use a local anesthesia during the procedure instead.

Personally, if I could do my wisdom teeth removal over again I would go with a local anesthesia so I'd be awake during it. In mine, my doctor fucked it up and hyper extended my jaw during the operation while I was out of it so now my jaw pops when I open my mouth all the way.


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For mine, I was knocked out cold. Only counted to ten before I fell asleep. I don't even remember waking up, but when I came to, I was in a wheel chair. Just felt a bit weak, nothing major. Slept for half the day and had a smooth two week recovery. It's not horrifically scary in all honesty.


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I only had one wisdom tooth; the rest simply were not there. Now, this is not to say I lack wisdom, but it seems like I read where we are evolving out of having them, and thus, as opposed to being unwise, this just shows how highly evolved I am. Modest, too.

But it was not so bad. Out cold, and then, some sorta opiates for a week. Oh, and you are not supposed to smoke...that might have been the hardest part!


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Thanks guys; Still nervous about it, but I guess there isn't much I can do! If I say anything weird I'll just blame it on the drugs and act dumb - and hope she falls for it...:D

Maybe I'll ask her to put duct tape over my mouth lol