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[Witty title here]


[asthmacat loved that]
Heyyyy Im asthmacat. I used to be Tocca on FA but I decided to change my name since I didnt feel Tocca was "me" anymore.
Anyways! A little about me :') I love space, cats, and flowers. I draw mostly everyday when Im not bothering my cat or watching my favorite TV shows. I could talk about shows all day, my favorites are The 100 and Orphan Black, but I also watch Big Brother, Zoo, and The Walking Dead (cant wait for FTWD). My favorite actress, who is in The 100 and going to be in FTWD, is Alycia Debnam-Carey, she is just precious tbh. Along with shows, I love music and have been to tons of concerts, looking at my list, I've been to 35 and counting! My favorite bands are CHVRCHES and Marina & The Diamonds, I listen to mostly indie/alternative/chillstep. Marina & The Diamonds is actually where I got the name for my main character, Marina, who Ive had for about three years now, I love her to bits and pieces. I have a huge thing for zodiac signs, as stereotypical as they sound, I love reading about them, they just fascinate me. Proud Aries over here :')
Hopefully I can get to know some of you guys :0


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Hey there, asthmacat. (Can I call you asthma for short? Hah.) Welcome aboard!

I'm digging your character, by the way. She's awesome.

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An Aries hmm very intriguing. Well then a happy hello to you asthmacat make yourself at home here. I'll have to ask for some chillstep recommendations sometime if you can ^_^