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(Adopt/Character) Selling: Wolf Adoptables (3/4 open - $25 SB)


Animal and Fantasy Creature Artist

*Lineart and designs are my own creations, don’t steal!
You can find these adopts on Deviantart too: https://www.deviantart.com/ivoryavian/art/Wolf-Adoptables-3-4-open-870241208

My latest wolf lineart turned out really well, I think it’s the best I’ve done yet. All 4 will be auctioned off separately, but at the same price. (I went a little mystical with the naming this time around ~ )

Trying something a little different for this auction - AUCTION ENDS 24 HOURS AFTER THE LATEST BID

SB: $25
MI $2
AB $38

Sandswept Seer - OPEN
Flame’s Herald - OPEN
Hailstorm Emissary - AB on Twitter - on hold
Night’s Harbinger - OPEN


*** New Rule - If you claim one of my adopts and decide to back out you will be given one warning (unless a reasonable explanation is given). If you do so again, you will be blacklisted.

Serious offers only, only pay what you can afford

Paypal only

No returns

Buyers will received an unwatermarked png file of this character.

Once you purchase a character from me you are free to make small edits to its design

You may resell adopts you bought from me for as much as or less then you bought it for, unless of course it comes with extra art!

* Buyers: Please make sure that you download the file after I send it to you, I usually clean out my Sta.sh (a deviantart program used to store private images) every six months. I can also send you the file via email if you wish.