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Wolf Fursona Request?

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So I'm not the best anthro artist but I'm trying my best to learn. Anyway if anyone could help I need a......

Species: Wolf
Gender: Male.
Fur colors: Black coat with white fur on the chest and below.
Markings: Blue trible flames on each arm.
Eye color: A light blue color.
Other: He's a race car driver

Please can someone help?

If anybody is willing to do this, it would be wonderful!


*earperks* race car? what race car? NASCAR, formula one, or something with style even (i.e. some 60's stock car or something)
I think I know how to display one.
here is my galery: http://anbessa.furhome.net/ if you like my artstyle and such, we can talk a bit more. :)
Not open for further replies.