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(Adopt/Character) Selling: Wolf Pup Adoptables for Sale!! [OPEN]


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First set of adoptables ready to go! They follow a seasons theme: spring, summer, autumn, winter. These are going to be $18 each or $60 for the whole "litter."

-Payment must be made by Paypal
-Payment must be made within 24 hours or it will be re-released
-You may alter the design, give them a name and change whatever you wish once bought
-You will receive a high res file of the image once bought with color chart attached
-I will not accept refunds once bought
-No holds, sorry!
-No refunds once paid.
-You may NOT resell design
-You may, however, use it anyway you wish anywhere.

It's not necessary to give me credit once purchased. It's yours once you buy it. However, if you'd like, please feel free to keep me up to date on any of their new adventures!

Summer: OPEN
Spring: OPEN
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