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Wolf Reference Sheet

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Hi! Im new at the blog and looking to get a reference sheet of my Wolf!(Avatar that is in profile)
My fursona name is "Savage" and he has blue fur with blue eyes and yellow in his eye that represents the inspiration in the sunset that I took at my lodge(can be viewed in my profile)!I love wolves and I like to interpret my wolf in different ways by getting tattoos.I currently have four tattoos but this tattoo stands out from the rest of them and symbolizes strength,overcoming fear and overcoming every obstacle that comes in my path! Im looking to get someone to draw him into a full body anthro wolf (without any thing adult rated please)!!My budget is about $50+! If you have any questions just pm me!


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Hey there! I do reference sheets from $20 per view. You can check out all the addon options for ref sheets here: http://toranekostudios.blogspot.com.au/2011/06/reference-sheets.html




If you're interested and wish to discuss further, please drop me an email! raijirou@gmail.com


Hello there! My reference sheets start at $35 w/ 1 view!
Extra full body views are +$20
Bust shots are +$15
Headshots/close ups/chibis are +$10 :)

Hi, I would be happy to help you with your project. I do two view reference sheets starting at $55.


I would be happy to answer any questions you have and give you a personalized quote. Feel free to message me. For fastest replies, message my FA gallery.

Thank you for your time.

Sounds like a neat character! I currently have three styles of ref sheets (varying in prices):
Simple ($25w/out background $30w/background):

Full ($30):

Ultra ($45):

And chibi is available as well for $15, which would basically be the little guys front/back poses. Feel free to take a gander at my gallery for more examples.
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Heya my ref sheet commissions are open if you're still looking?! Here's my price list and a couple of examples, there's more in the link in my signature ^^



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Hello there~
I might be able to help you out with such a commission c= I love drawing anthro wolves, and my ref-sheet commissions would be able to help you out with getting a product within your budget, depending on the assets you'd like to include

Here are some ref-sheet examples that I have:

Here's a link to more examples of my art: http://anikaburrellart.tumblr.com/

And here's my basic commission info, as well as my TOS: http://tklastasis.tumblr.com/commission-info

Whatever the case, I wish you luck with your hunt, and thank you for any consideration at all!
- TK


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Thank you all for helping me get a reference sheet!It was a tough choice but I found someone!

Thanks again
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