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Wolf searching for mate

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is a Gunnery Sergeant now.
so, who is going to do it to him?


Oh give me a break... A coffee is under $2 in most places unless you're going to get one of these faggy espresso drinks. You don't have to talk to people in bars that are trying to bum money (actually I have hardly ever had this happen) and the mall... Well we're just full of excuses, aren't we?

I guess just don't complain you don't have anywhere to meet people if you're too good for everything :p

Under $2? a regular-ass Tim Horton's is damn near that much. Look, I don't know where you're from, and I don't actually care. All I know is that every part of every city I've had to spend more than five minutes in, because that's usually where I've worked, I've been surrounded by people who don't.

Some of us don't actually want a "mate", or even a fuck buddy. Sex is like weed. No matter how good it is, sometimes it's just not worth the people you gotta deal with to get it.


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i care...thats some cheap ass coffee...but how does it taste?

I'm in San Francisco -- everything is expensive here. Still, every morning before work I get a large black coffee for $1.95 at the Peet's in the subway station. Starbucks I think it's $1.85 and other places are about the same. Cafe Flore is $2.25 but they overcharge for everything.

Where are you paying more than 2 bucks for a simple black coffee?


Ok this thread is obviously not working.
OP: Try craiglist or pounced.org or an actual dating site (if you really think that those help). This isn't a dating site.

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