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Daithi Aaron Radcliff

X rated and animated
Greetings and salutations, I'm looking for someone that is willing to draw my character Daithi Aaron Radcliff the Wolf from scratch or by reference but mostly both because with each reference it has been drawn different ways and also different styles. trust me I enjoy having my character drawn in different styles but I'm still looking for someone that is willing to try him the way that he would look like:
docs.google.com: Daithi the wolf Character sheet
I'm willing to do a trade which would be literature and poetry for a art piece of my character.
If you are wanting to trade then just give me information on your character and the plot of the story.
Here is my current history with writing:

[Part 1|docs.google.com: Daithi the wolf

[Part 2|docs.google.com: Daithi The Wolf 2

[Part 3|docs.google.com: Daithi The Wolf 3

[Part 4|docs.google.com: Daithi The Wolf 4

[Part 5|
[Part 6|
[Part 7|docs.google.com: Daithi The Wolf 7