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Critique: Wolverine head base


Gof'nn Hupadgh
Okay, so... Hi, I am trying this for the first time. Feel free to be brutal (but somewhat constructive preferably) , I can't be discouraged from doing things I'm awful at.

Does this look like a bear/wolverine?

It's very rough, as I'm sure you can tell. Haven't even put eye holes in it yet! But...while I was starting the smoothing and obsessively measuring to get it symmetrical, I started to doubt myself.

At this point, it looks more like a rat to me? And how do I keep a wolverine from ending up looking like a dog? I've been leaning more toward bear-ish, because I noticed there are really no tutorials for wolverines specifically, but their head shape is very close to a black bear.

Also, the ears are just pinned on scrap, currently place holders for my measurements and eyeballing.