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Wombat Wednesday!


:3 >:3
Happy wombat Wednesday! Every Wednesday I'll be posting wombat photo(s) (feel free to join in if you want :3). Anyway, happy wombat Wednesday :b

yes I'm aware it's not Wednesday yet (for me at least), but it's Wednesday somewhere and I can't wait until 12am

Sam Akuchin Wamm

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we don't get enough non-lapid marsupials on this site


Sneaky rainforest kitty
It aint wednesday and he's only wombat adjacent but here's my new lumbering, huge Thylacoleo OC

Thylacoleo Carnifex was the largest carnivorous mammal ever to live in Australia, and looked like a Kangaroo-Lion hybrid with huge thumb claws, and guillotine-like teeth, thought to give it the strongest bite of any mammal.

I've seen the video where they tested it using a sheep head prop and damn they weren't lying.

Wombats and Koalas are their closest living relatives

Meet Ozzie

He doesn't trust himself so he wears a heavy metal muzzle when in public. Call it a covid metaphor.


Very cool. And that heavy metal muzzle is getting me excited. :)