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Words of the Wizarding World(First draft)

Rap Daniel

Clever dino wizard boi
Here's the first draft! Very incomplete, I know. Tell me if I've already messed up, would you guys?


  • Words of the Wizarding World(Rap).pdf
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First off 'Wizarding World' is most definitely trademark J.K. Rowling thus making your use of it possible copyright infringement. Second you should be aware of what typefaces you're using (if you're looking to make this a commercial product or publish it in any way) as many of them are trademarked. My only other advice would be to consider looking into using royalty-free art to spice things up. It's a bit bland as-is. Mostly though keep in mind if it's a for-free fan work you're probably safe. Just don't be surprised when if it should get popular you get a C&D. Rowlings known for those.